Thursday Red Session Week 3

Being a Father

WAR WorkoutA. Back Squat 5 Reps X 3 Rest 2 MinutesB. Push Press 5 Reps X 3 Rest 2 minutesC. Dead lift 5 Reps X 3 Rest 2 Minutes +Rest 5 minutes3 sets of:10 Squat Box Jumps (30,24)20 kBS (70,55,35)BW Bench Press AMRepsAP Rest 3 MinutesGYM NOTE: Let's increase the loads on A,B & C from monday.  Whether it's 10lbs or 2.5 lbs, go up in weight. The only way you can get stronger is by challenging yourself.  All of your technique looks great.  Just remember on the squat, focus on forcing your knees out - this is key, it creates an active hip and eliminates the butt wink.  Looking for a flat back on the dead lift, pulling with the hamstrings. Focus on pushing your feet through the ground, as opposed to pulling the bar off the ground. On the last portion, go hard all the way through.  The intensity has to be high each set.  Post loads on A,B,&C.  Post Bench Press and KB weight used, and how many BP Reps completed each round.Classroom DiscussionA. WAR Journal Question: How would you rate your current work ethic?  What motivates you?  Think deep and be honest with yourself. Come ready to have a good discussion. Write about it in your Journal.B. Journal Title: Work Ethic and Motivation & the Role they Will Play in My Life.C. Patience: Examine this topic further. As you go through your week think about being more patient, and realize that good things happen when you are trying to do the right thing – sometimes you just have to wait.  Work on being more humble, watch how by being a humble patient person you will find more peace and serenity in your lives – and you will make better decisions.D. Reading: How's everyone doing with their books.