Tuesday Red Session Week 3


WAR WorkoutA1. Bent Over Rows 6-8 Reps X 4Rest 20 secondsA2. Ring Push Ups AMRepsAP X 4Rest 3 minutesB. 75 Burpee Chin Ups for time (High bars) Rest 3 minutesC. Tabata Sit Ups (Low Score)GYM NOTE: Adding some bent over Rows this week - push yourself.  Go hard. Turn up the intensity.  You'll never know how far you can push yourself if you don't lay it on the line.

Be Patient

When any lifestyle change takes place, there is a state of downtime that one must endure before his or her life can grow in a different direction.  Patience plays a key role in change.  Not only does the WAR program promote being "slow to anger", but we also promote patience in allowing the WAR lifestyle to sink in and change you.  Change just doesn't occur because you say you want to change, or think you need to change.  Change occurs when you are diligent in your pursuit to change.  You have to be able to deal with the downtimes, in order to experience the change you are seeking.  The downtimes may be quiet weekends that are slow and a lot of times boring.  This doesn't mean that life is now just boring, and that there is no hope to have fun.  It means that you have to find positive and uplifting things to do that are in line with the WAR lifestyle.  The WAR lifestyle is an elite lifestyle that is set up for progress.  If you live this lifestyle to the fullest, you will become a unique person that stands out amongst your peers.-Hawk