Friday Red Session Week 2


WAR/WAR Strength & Conditioning WorkoutA1. Ring Dips 45 seconds X 5 Rest 75 secondsA2. Box Jumps (24,20) 45 seconds X 5 Rest 75 secondsB. Wall Balls 20 Reps X 3 Rest 1 minute +Rest 5 minutesAMRoundsAP in 12 Minutes of:5 HSPU (Scaled shoulder press/95)7 Burpees10 Kipp Pull Ups (Adv. CTB)GYM NOTE: I cant believe some of the strength gains, just in a 2 week time span, I'm so impressed with everyone.  Lets keep up the momentum.  On part A1 & A2 I wanna really focus on good range of motion on both the ring dips and box jumps.  The ring dips are still challenging for a lot of you I realize, however I want you to use a band if necessary so you can get the full range of motion.  Trust me, you will get stronger faster if you work on the ROM first, then the strength will come.  On the box jumps, open those hips up at the top and work on a quick transition off of the ground.  The wall balls are going to test you mentally - just make it happen.  On the last metcon, try the HSPU even if you can get to full depth.  Half the battle is getting comfortable upside down.CLASSROOM NOTE: Thanks to everyone that came and participated last night - Rick did an amazing job.  I hope you all are working hard on the classroom portion of this program.  The classroom is every bit as important as the GYM, if not more important. "BRAIN STRENGTH TRAINING"Classroom DiscussionA. Making Good Decision VS Bad Decisions: Present pleasure seems nice, but the joys of overcoming are incredible.  The privilege of being able to look people in the eye, knowing that I have made the right decisions – these more meaningful rewards come when we take the distant view, when we see the truth, things as they really are and as they really will be.B. Being A Humble Person: Impulsive behavior can be controlled by being a humble person. (Recap on monday's discussion)C. Weekend Assignment: This weekend I want you to start reading a book (I will provide book ideas and bring books).  The book can't be some fictitious thriller that doesn't mean anything.  The book has to be something that is going to help you grow as a human being (Self help, spirituality, nutrition, etc).  It has to be a book that is in line with the WAR lifestyle, and what it promotes. Goal is to read at least 75 pages over the weekend.D. Nutrition: How's everyone doing?