Thursday Red Session Week 1


WAR S&C WorkoutA. Back Squat 5 Reps X 3Rest 2-3 MinutesB. Bench Press 5 Reps X 3Rest 2-3 MinutesC. Dead lift 5 Reps X 3 (Increase weight from Monday)Rest 2-3 Minutes +10 Chin Ups X 510 Burpees AFAP X 5Rest 1 MinuteWAR WorkoutA. Goblet Squat 20 reps X 3 (55,35)Rest 2 Minutes B. Bench Press 5 Reps X 3Rest 2-3 MinutesC. Dead Lift 5 Reps X 3 (Increase weight from Monday)Rest 2-3 Minutes +Chin Ups AMRepsAP X310 Burpees AFAP X 3Rest 1 MinuteWe have Jacie Bailey our WAR dietician coming at 7, so make sure you're on time.   I want you to think about the importance of tying the kitchen directly into the WAR workouts.  It's incredible how much better the GYM experience is when your diet is locked in.  The WAR workouts become easier and more enjoyable because you body is fueled properly.  Not only that, but your mental acuity is heightened, in which your overall mood throughout the day will be better because you will be balanced.  Jacie will get into all of this, but come with questions.  Below is the agenda. Remember, you need to take notes in your journal; and also analyze the important role nutrition is going to play in your overall WAR experience.  Make it Happen Cap'n. A. 7-7:30 - Jacie Bailey, Licensed DieticianB. 7:40-8:30 - WAR WorkoutJournal Title: Tying the Kitchen Directly into the WAR Workouts & the Role it Will Play in My Life.


Why we want to achieve Hormone Balance? 1. Be able to think better because of stable blood sugar levels.2. Perform better because of increased oxygen transfer to your muscle cells.3. Do not starve or feel hungry because brain is being supplied with its primary fuel.Know how much protein your body needs.  Use eyeball method—palm of your hand fits about 4 oz protein or 28gm protein.Every time you eat, make sure you eat protein AND carbs AND fatMake most of your carbohydrate choices from favorable carbsvegetables, fruits, oatmeal and occasionally whole wheat Example Meal Plan for a DayBREAKFAST4-5 cage-free scrambled eggs½ c. oatmeal1 Tbsp Peanut Butter 1 c. grapesLUNCH1 can tuna fish with 2 tsp mayoLarge salad loaded with veggies with balsamic/olive oil dressing1 Apple with 1 Tbsp peanut butterAFTERNOON SNACKString Cheese apple almondsDINNERChili Beef or Turkey1 Lrg peach for dessertHandful of almondsLATE - NIGHT SNACK1-2 oz deli turkey carrotsalmonds