Wednesday Red Session Week 1

Rest Day

Below is part of an article by Matt Reynolds - it's an awesome article.  I chose to highlight a couple parts.  The first article mentions the importance of the squat (among others).  The second section (consistency), talks about the importance of being consistent in coming to the gym.  I think a lot about Colio & Bubb when I think about consistency.  I just know that these 2 guys are going to be to the gym no matter what happens.  Colio is in the construction business, and I notice that a lot of  the time when he comes in he's tired from working hard all day in the heat, but yet he still tackles every workout with maximum intensity, and it's the same with Bubb.

We all at times don't feel like coming into the gym.  What I'm proposing is trying to look at the gym like it's the only way your night can be complete.  Look at the gym like it's going to make you a better father, friend, husband, etc., because realistically it is.  The stress that is relieved at the gym is priceless.  You feel better about yourself; are more confident in yourself; and are more able to handle all that life throws at you.  The moral of the story is - come to the gym even when you don't feel like it, I promise that your life will run smoother.

Strength Training via Compound Barbell Lifts

I believe strength training using the basic, compound barbell lifts is the single most important aspect of our training. We all squat, bench press, overhead press, and deadlift. These lifts are the foundation of our training and while we may do variations, we still stick to the basics. Add cleans, heavy rows, pull-ups, dips, barbell curls, pushups, and posterior chain work, and those exercises should make up about 95% of what you do.No lift has a greater impact on our program than the full squat. The reality is that full squats are just plain harder to do than anything else, and therefore build more strength and muscle than any other lift by loading the entire body better than any other lift, and by creating a greater hormonal response than any other lift. If you don’t squat, you aren’t an athlete.The other compound lifts are incredibly important as well, and we strive to constantly drive up our strength on these lifts. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of our energy is spent doing the basic compound barbell lifts. A downfall of many coach’s programs is that they believe that specialty exercises like “core” work, the “jammer,” the speed ladder, and balance training give their programs substance. In reality, those specialty exercises are worthless when compared to squats, deadlifts, bench press, cleans, and presses. The most effective training is simple and hard.


Consistency is absolutely foundational for success. Results don’t come overnight. They come after weeks and months and years and decades of dedication in the trenches of the gym. Consistency yields results, especially when you come to train on those days when the last thing you want to do is be in the gym. Consistency is also a direct by-product of atmosphere. When athletes train in a competitive but encouraging environment, and have ownership in the program, the vast majority will become addicted to the progress and will be there every single day.Below is the link to the rest of the article: