Tuesday Red Session Week 1

City Moon

WAR/WAR Strength & Conditioning WorkoutA1. Ring Plank Holds 45 seconds X 5 Rest 75 secondsA2. Knees2Elbows AMRepsAP in 45 seconds X 5 Rest 75 SecondsB. KB Thrusters 6-10 reps X 3 (55,35) Rest 1 minute +3 Rounds for time of:10 Ring Dips ( Scaled band or Bench Dips)10 Burpees10 Push Ups (Chest2deck)Jaycie Bailey, (WAR Dietician) will be coming on Thursday night at 7PM.  I welcome anyone and everyone that wants to come - she does an incredible job.  Jacie's role is to teach you how to properly fuel your body, and that an incredible feeling can be attained by fueling your body properly.  I've watched so many of the participants in the WAR program change considerably due to changing their eating patterns.  So many of them, for so long, had only put harmful substances into their body; and now that they are fueling their body with nothing but healthy, natural substances, they have found a sense of wellness and happiness just by changing the way they eat. This WAR lifestyle is all about being diligent in living it.  Be diligent in all things; work at bettering yourself through this program - get into it.  Real change will not occur, unless you diligently pursue it.  I realize that some days are harder than others, this is the life we live - just make it happen cap'n.