Tuesday WAR Strength & Conditioning


WAR Strength & Conditioning WorkoutComplete 2 rounds of:Max Rep Pull Ups in 2 Minutes Rest 2 minutesMax Rep Hang Power Snatch in 2 Minutes (75lbs) Rest 2 MinutesMax Calorie Row in 2 Minutes Rest 2 MinutesMax Rep AB Mat Sit Ups Rest 2 MinutesI just want to write a little something about jogging.  I used to hate to jog, but now I have come to love it and I'll tell you why. I love where my mind travels when I'm on a jog.  I love how at about 12-15 minutes into the jog, my mind becomes intensely proactive and positive; so proactive to the point that I feel high.  I know a lot of you have a negative outlook on jogging, trust me, I've been there.  I want to encourage you all to try and look at it from a different angle.  Look at jogging like it's therapeutic.  Almost look at it like the tool that's going to get your mind on track.  Those Saturday morning 5K's I program are magical, and a couple people (Bubb & Dom), have felt what I'm describing.  Yes of course there comes a time throughout the run where it hurts a little, but if you fight through the pain an incredible high awaits you.  Any time I feel depressed or anxious I go for a jog, in which I challenge myself to take my mind to a positive place.  I push myself somedays (run it for time), or other days I just do it casually.  I have found great peace and enjoyment through this avenue, and I challenge you all to try and experience what I'm talking about.  See you all on Saturday mornings.Hawk-