Saturday WAR Strength & Conditioning

"He is Everywhere"

WAR Strength & Conditioning WorkoutA. Run 5k (Nature Park - Have some good magical conversations)B. Back Squat 5 Reps X 1 (Find out where your at)C. Push Press 5 Reps X 1 (Find out where your at)D. Ring Plank Holds 60 Seconds X 5E. Weighted Pull Ups 5 Reps X 5 (Outside Pull Up Bars)F. HSPU 30 Challenging Reps (Parallette, Elevated Bumpers)

A Kid Again

We can all reflect on what it was like when we were kids.  We were able to experience joy and sadness confidently, and more importantly, with clarity. We were able to enjoy the little things in life where our emotions ran free; free from stress, anxiety and all of the other psychological consequences the pleasures of this world can bring.  When we were kids, even an intense strike of adversity couldn't slow us down. We didn't struggle with depression or addiction, nor did we have to fight a personal WAR in our pursuit to find peace and happiness.  We were just kids, and it was beautiful.How do we become a kid again?  How do we go back to that young innocent way of thinking; that young innocent way of life?  As we travel from childhood, to young adult hood, to eventually becoming an adult, a lot of intense changes take place in our lives.  We start getting exposed to the things of this world more fully.  We start experimenting, and trying new and exciting things.  We take our first drink; or smoke our first cigarette.  It starts becoming easier and easier to experiment with all things. Bad decisions start to be made more regularly; and our conscience slowly diminishes, making it easier and easier to justify our negative behavior.  Slowly but surely our innocence is lost, and we didn't even realize it.

We can, however, become like a kid again if we really strive to do so; but we have to be willing to submit ourselves to a completely new life.  We have to get real with ourselves, and stop making excuses for why we became the way that we did.  We have to take the inside out approach, as apposed to the outside in approach.  We have to become humble, meek and submissive in our efforts to change.  If you think about children, they are happy and innocent because they are receptive and open to the good things life has to offer.  They have not yet experienced the WAR.  As we get older, we become less receptive to the good things, and more receptive to the bad things of this world.  We become hardened in our ways due to the worldly pleasures.  The worldly pleasures that we once  thought were so grand and magnificent, turn out to be a fake, temporary happiness that has only blinded us from the truth; the truth being that there are no shortcuts to lasting happiness. The only way to find lasting happiness is to reflect on your childhood innocence, and make an effort to grow in a different direction; a positive direction away from the fake worldly pleasures, and onto something that's real; on to something that will last.

-Dustin Hawkins