Monday WAR Strength & Conditioning

"Which Way"

WAR Strength & ConditioningA. Back Squat 5 Reps X 5 (5 Sets across. Warm up to challenging 5 then begin) Rest 2-3 MinutesB. Push Press 5 Reps X 5 (5 Sets across. Warm up to challenging 5 then begin) Rest 2-3 Minutes +4 sets of:5 hang squat cleans (AFastAP. Log the load you use each set, challenge yourself)15 Burpees (AFastAP) Rest 3 minutesNOTE:On part A & B it's important to log what load you used for 5 sets across, so that next week you can attempt to increase the load.  On the hang squat cleans I want you to challenge yourself.  Find out where your at (Grip Strength, front squat, hips, technique). On the burpees let's do chest to deck, meaning your hips don't sag and hit the floor, only your chest.We are starting a new WAR 12 Week Program (Black & Red Session) on Monday June 6th.  I'm so stoked to get back into the classroom; and to really focus and hone down on the lifestyle again.  The WAR lifestyle is so incredible when lived to the fullest.  It's not an easy lifestyle to live by no means, but there is no greater feeling than when you are locked in, it's the ultimate high, a real high.  The greater things in this life require sacrifice and dedication.  The WAR lifestyle requires sacrifice & dedication.  You have to be diligent in living the WAR lifestyle (work at it constantly).  For those who have been through it know what I'm talking about.  If any of you know anyone that may be interested, please let them know about it.  Thanks again.  This is such a magical program, and we are only at the beginning.  We are going to help so many people.  I love you all and thanks again.Hawk,