Monday WAR Strength & Conditioning

"A Corner Glimpse"

WAR WorkoutA. Hang Power Snatch 3 Reps X 5 Rest 2 minutesB. Thrusters 10 Reps (135,115,95,65) X 3 Rest 2 MinutesC. HSPU AMRepsAP X 3 Rest 2 MinutesD. Tabata Abmat Sit Ups (4 minutes) Congratulations to everyone who graduated from the WAR 12 Week Program (The Red & Black Session).  It's incredible to see how much you have improved.  The WAR Strength and Conditioning program will continue to guide you on an incredible journey.  Keep improving yourself in all aspects of the WAR Lifestyle. Reminder: We are over at the new place this week.  Invite everyone you know to come check it out.