Saturday Black Session Week 6

Enjoy the Moment

Addiction is sneaky at times. Addiction wants you to think that no joy can be found without partaking of the substance you are addicted to. Addiction makes you vulnerable to boredom, and causes you to question happiness. Thoughts of inadequacy start to invade you mind, and within an instant you start thinking of ways to feel the void, and enlighten the moment in an effort to find temporary happiness; and then the WAR begins.

Temporary happiness is the perfect description of addiction.  We even know prior to partaking of the substance that it's temporary happiness, but yet we still partake. For some reason the short term, fake glimpse of happiness overshadows the heart retching, depressing outcome the substance gives way to.We who struggle with addiction have to live in the moment, and learn to appreciate things as they come.  We have to learn to appreciate the wonderful positive experiences we all enjoy; and more importantly, learn to recognize and appreciate life's wonderful gifts. Sometimes it's so hard to find joy in the little things, in which we tend to forget that it's the little things that radiate the most joy. We have to realize that during the tough depressing times we actually learn the most about ourselves; and that if we can get through those tough times, we will be able to reflect on the experience, in which we will then realize that it wasn't that bad, and that we did in fact enjoy the moment with a clear lens.  If we do this enough times it becomes easier and easier to find peace in all that we do. We finally come to understand that true peace and happiness flows through the simple things in life, we just have to have confidence in ourselves; and be willing to submit, recognize, and embrace the simple intricacies that life gives us.

-Dustin Hawkins