Saturday Black Session Week 4

Getting Close

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone involved in this WAR program.  It is what it is because of all of you.  It's so cool to think about how many people this program could eventually help.  You all are going to be (and have been) apart of helping people change their lives, and to me there is nothing cooler than to say you did that. This world that we live in is a trip sometimes.  I know I write about this a lot, but for some reason "helping and serving others" always pops up in my head.  If you haven't noticed yet, that's what this WAR program is all about; a group of individuals striving to live a healthy lifestyle, and to make a difference by helping others see this WAR lifestyle.  This WAR lifestyle revolves around helping people.  Helping people see a new life. Helping people grow in a positive direction. Helping people CHANGE for the better.  We are CREATING A HEALTHIER COMMUNITY - that's all there is to it.

Thanks again... I look forward to what the future holds.  Love you all.