Friday Black Session Week 4

"Able to Enjoy Clear"

WAR WorkoutA. Strict Pull Up & Supine Pull Up Latter 5-10 reps for 12 minutes. Switch from strict Pull Ups to Supine Pull ups every other minute totaling 6 sets of each movement. Rest Exactly 3 MinutesB1. Ring Leans 45 seconds X 5 Rest 15 SecondsB2. Burpees 10 Reps AFastAP X 5 Rest 1 Minute +Rest Exactly 3 MinutesC. Tabata Box Jumps (20 inch Box) Rest 1 MinuteD. Tabata Sit UpsWAR Weekend AssignmentThis weekend I want you to do something that you used to love to do – but have lost touch with over the years.  Think back to when you were young and innocent and do some kind of activity that used to be a big part of your life.  Some ideas could be: Hiking, Running, Walking, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Fishing, Etc.  Everyone has something that they used to like to do – so get back in touch with that something, do it, and then write about it. Journal Title: Being Active & the Role it Will Play in my Life.

“Make this Happen – having healthy hobbies helps us spend our time wisely

“The healthy active person – is a happy person”