Saturday Red Session Week 6

Slow Your Personality Down

Slowing your personality down, what exactly does this mean? We as human beings want things now, we don't want to wait.  The hustle and bustle of daily life tends to get at us at times, and we end up speeding ourselves up, when in all reality we need to slow ourselves down.  Bad decisions are often made when we are all wound up.  Impulsive behavior clouds our thoughts and distorts our perception of what's real.  So the question is, how do we slow our personality down?First, we have to have a sense of spirituality about us.  We have to recognize and appreciate the little things in life.  We have to take breaks from the worldly things, and escape to a place that is quiet.  We have to search diligently for a greater understanding of not only ourselves, but the big picture of life as well.  People all to often wander through life never really noticing the rat race that is taking place.  The eat or be eaten mentality, where only the strong survive.  If we can learn to look outside ourselves and take a more charitable approach to our daily life, we will then recognize that there is no need for this rat race, and that through helping and serving others, all things will fall in to place.Amazing human beings are formed when personalities are slowed down.  A more humble, meek individual comes out from the dark and into the light.  An individual that is looking to make a difference in this world, but in a quiet confident way.  This type of individual makes good decisions, and more importantly, makes good decisions when it counts.-Dustin Hawkins