Saturday Red Session Week 5

Leap of Faith

Taking a jump or a risk can be a scary thing to do.  Taking this jump may mean that you lose something for a time, in hopes of gaining something in the future.  With any risk there is opportunity as well.  So many of us are scared to take that jump, whether it is a jump into a new lifestyle, career, relationship, or whatever, the point being is that when a leap of faith is required, many of us are scared and fail to react.So much could be on the line when major decisions need to be made.  Deep thought, prayer and mediation can assist you with these decisions.  Before an individual takes a leap of faith, he or she has to play it out in their mind over and over so that there are no surprises when this leap actually occurs.  If the individual has done everything they can, and has put forth the necessary time and effort in order for this decision to be made confidently, then why not take a leap of faith? I am a firm believer that if a person has passion for the way they live their life, then they will always come out on top, regardless of what happens.Now this is not to say that we can live our life vicariously making poor decisions based on our impulses, cause that is not the case at all.  It does mean however, that if we diligently search it out, having faith in ourselves, and knowing that a higher power does exist, and that this higher power wants nothing but the best for us, then we can take this jump confidently, knowing that whatever happens, we did the best we could to make that jump a reality. -Dustin Hawkins