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Dustin Hawkins realized he needed more than a traditional rehab to get sober. After several failed attempts, Dustin developed his own unique recovery plan–a combination of mental, spiritual, and physical steps toward sobriety and balance. The plan is called Workout Addiction Recovery, or WAR.

Dustin has created a FREE quick-reference guide to the 11 WAR Tools that you'll find in The WAR Book. Learn how to:

  • Act like a victor.
  • Find your exercise high.
  • Develop a spiritual routine.
  • And more!

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Come find the abundant life by living the WAR Lifestyle.

Success Stories

WAR is truly a special program. It doesn't matter the problem that someone is having, the people at WAR will do anything they can to help. That's more than just a group of friends
that's a family. A family that has supported and
pushed me every day to achieve my goals.

Spencer H.

WAR will teach you how to live sober and be happy while doing it. It will challenge your body, mind, and spirit to do
things that you never dreamed were possible.

Adam B.