Transitional Living

War Transitional Living Program

WAR transitional living is our program where we house people so that they can more effectively learn the WAR lifestyle.

WAR transitional living is our program where we house people so that they can more effectively learn the WAR lifestyle. In this program, students will go through the progressive cycles of the WAR program, but will also be encouraged and helped by WAR life coaches to set goals, find a job, or perform in community service.

The War House

The WAR house is located up on the east bench of Ogden, right next to trail head that leads into the beautiful Wasatch mountains. The house has two bedrooms, a family room, full bathroom, a kitchen, and is fully furnished, including a washer and dryer. The house also has a basement apartment where someone on our WAR staff will be living.

You will be drug tested randomly so that we can hold you accountable to doing the program. There is no room for error in this department, meaning that if you a fail drug test then you fail the war course and will be sent home-period! You need to give us 90 days of your life. We don’t feel that a 90 day commitment is too much to ask considering our program has the ability to provide you with a brand new way of life. If you give us 90 days of your time, with no monkey business attached, then we can turn you into a WAR life coach, and give you an opportunity to be apart of the WAR cause. Set the goal of graduating from the war program with high honors.

The WAR Gym Experience

During the first week a physical assessment will be performed by the WAR life coaches. They will test the upper and lower body extremities, perform body fat testing, a movement analysis, and aerobic testing. During this week goals will also be discussed, providing an opportunity for the student and coach to get to know one another. After the assessment week is over, WAR coaches will meet to discuss the type of individual program that needs to be designed (based on the assessment) for the client not only in the gym, but outside the gym as well.

If we have done our job, then by the end of 90 days you will have a sound knowledge on how to lift weights, and also how to train in the various energy systems (aerobic / anaerobic) inside the gym, which will be a knowledge you can use for the rest of your life to help you stay sober and productive.

A huge lifestyle change has to take place or nothing will take place!

The Remote Experience

The WAR Remote experience aim is to get you to think creatively so that you can create new memories by getting outside of you comfort zone. It’s purpose is to help you switch paths by providing you with opportunities to get lost in gratitude and meditative thought while exercising (jogging, sprinting, hiking, walking, etc.) in a unique location, and not in a gym. We promote spirituality through these experiences. We promote reading and writing as part of these experiences. We promote being physically active in unique and beautiful places. We promote creating incredible experiences through being active in the mind, body, and spirit.

We want you to create new and healthy memories that will soon outshine your old poor memories of using. We believe that such new memories will lead you to not only switching paths, but will cause you to stay on this new path of health for the duration.  If we can get you feeling better about who you are, then its far easier to stay sober. If  we can get you strong in mind, body, and spirit, then your mind will quite down, now allowing peace to be experienced.

Communication & Spiritual Work

The trails will be experienced frequently; and mountain biking, hiking, swimming, jogging, snowshoeing, skiing and walking, among much more will be common spiritual work, so long as the student in the program is making a determined effort to be good at the entire WAR lifestyle by following the rules and making it all happen. A lot of the spiritual work of the WAR program takes place while exercising in nature and upon a track and field, which are then followed by reading, meditative thought, and of course healthy family and friend communication by way of text message, calling, or even visiting.

You will be required to go to meetings and work the 12 steps with your coach during the 90 day program. We realize that it may take longer than 90 days, but you will be challenged to learn and live those steps, while at the same time participating in the circle meetings. You must be perfect on all of your meeting attendance and make progress on those steps in order to graduate from the war program.

 WAR Life Coaching  Program

When students come into the WAR house they are assigned a WAR life coach, one that will lead and guide them to learning and living the WAR lifestyle. Their life coach will lead them in the WAR gym experience and into the spiritual work of: hiking, jogging, biking, skiing, reading, and communicating affectively, and much more. The student and life coach will gain each others respect, and a beautiful life long relationship will be formed.

We offer 4 courses inside our life coaching program:
1-WAR Spiritual Course (12 lessons)
2-WAR Nutrition Course (12 lessons)
3-WAR Strength & Conditioning Course (12 lessons)
4-WAR Life Coaching Course (12 lessons)

It is our philosophy that if we can lead you to becoming a WAR life coach then your chances of staying sober are greater. But the only way we can lead you to becoming a WAR life coach is by persuading you to live the WAR lifestyle first. Our goal will be to get you to live the war lifestyle to the fullest, while at the same time teaching you how to become a coach. You learn it by living it-period!

We are not a rehab, nor are we babysitters. You are going to live in a safe place, and be apart of the most comprehensive addiction program in the country. We don’t offer you a chef to cook you food, nor do we buy your food.  Instead, we will teach you how to fuel your body properly. We will take you to Costco to show you exactly what to buy. The goal is to help you understand the importance of food and its relation to performance  mentally, physically, and spiritually.

We are not going to be watching over you at all times, and if you feel that you need to be watched over at all times, then this program isn’t for you. We are looking for people who have a poor habit that they are passionate about getting rid of. We are looking for hard workers who are interested in changing their lives in a big way. You’re not gonna be in the rehab bubble, where all your decisions will made for you. You are going to be taught a way of life and will be expected to learn and live it. We will lay you out a structured week, with appointments that you are expected to attend, but outside of that, you are left to being a responsible adult who can make the right decision even when the wrong one is right in front of them. Remember, don’t come out here to mess around and not be serious, because we take leading people to change very serious and have been successful in doing so for the last 7 years.

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