War Sober Living Program

WAR Sober Living is our program where we provide safe and sober housing to people so that they can more effectively focus on treatment. 

Those that struggle with drug and alcohol addiction need a safe place to live. The WAR sober living will provide the structure and boundaries necessary to help prevent relapse. Clients will have the opportunity to put all of their focus, time, and energy into learning and living the WAR lifestyle.

The beauty of the WAR sober living is that self reliance and independence is promoted so that the client can move past their old addictive behaviors by being held accountable to living the WAR lifestyle. The WAR sober living program offers a living arrangement that removes the client from their past drug using environment, and into a way of life that is full of health and happiness.

Accountability is the key to staying sober!

What Happens At Sober Living

  • Balance and Freedom: Vehicle (if you have one), phone, computer, ability to maintain own schedule, etc.
  • Nightly reflections meetings  (curfews need to be met)
  • Required to participate in the Day Treatment / IOP + AA/NA meetings (attendance enforced).
  • Take random drug tests / breathalyzers
  • Chores divided among residents.
  • All rules are strongly enforced to help keep you accountable. Smaller infractions may be forgiven, but there is a zero tolerance for drug or alcohol use among sober living residents.