War Remote Program

Need help Overcoming Addiction? Our Remote Program is for individuals interested in learning the WAR lifestyle but are not able to physically join us for our daily activities.

The Daily Experience

Follow us while we lead you on a daily experience in an effort to teach you how to live an elevated lifestyle by helping you to create unique experiences for yourself through being physically, mentally, and spiritually active. The WAR Remote Program will consist of three different experiences:

  • Remote Experience

    The WAR Remote experience aim is to get you to think creatively–and to even get you outside of your comfort zone. It’s purpose is to help you switch paths by providing you with opportunities to get lost in gratitude and meditative thought while exercising (jogging/sprinting,etc) in a unique location, and not in a gym. We promote spirituality through these experiences. We promote reading and writing as part of these experiences. We promote being physically active in unique and beautiful places. We promote creating incredible experiences through being active in the mind, body, and spirit.

  • Gym Experience

    Our system for funneling someone safely into the broad world of strength and conditioning is by first teaching them the Art of the Low Bar Back Squat. It is our belief and understanding that if one can master this lift with having perfect technique – then they will safely make their way into the world of strength of conditioning, and now being ready for all that it has to offer.We have come to find that this lift carries a spiritual tune to it, and can usher the light back into the darkest of all minds due to its ability to increase the participators testosterone levels, which then helps them to form confidence within their mind.

  • Weekend Experience

    The WAR weekend Experiences are experiences that can be done over the entire weekend; or in other words spread out over Saturday and Sunday. Depending on the time of year, most experiences will be done at a track. We feel like a track is a good place to be on the weekends; tracks promote reverence. We not only promote working out at the track, but also working on our spiritual self at the track as well. We promote also, that if you have a wife/husband and kids, to take them with you as you do the track/weekend experience. We feel that a track is a good place for a family to hang out, especially in the spring, summer, and fall months. However, the experience won’t always be at a track, but will be a similar workout to the spiritual experience workouts except they will be more time based, and often times more intense. The spiritual experience workouts, most times, are active rest days where the workouts are low impact, and even less intense, where the idea is to work on the mind and spirit through longer and less intense workouts.

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