WAR Intensive Outpatient Program

Our WAR Intensive Outpatient Program is the most unique and powerful outpatient program in the country.

A unique program that blends standard therapy with the HEALTH of the WAR Lifestyle

Workout Addiction Recovery’s comprehensive Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is for those adults (18+) who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction and need more than weekly counseling, but do not require inpatient residential treatment. The WAR (Workout Addiction Recovery) Intensive Outpatient Program is flexible since many clients will have work, school, and family obligations. We offer morning and evening programs to fit your schedule and you can start immediately. The group meets three times per week and is progress based. Our Utah Intensive Outpatient Program is located in Kaysville, UT.

In this program, a medical doctor, licensed therapists and substance abuse counselors, a nutritionist, and WAR Life Coaches will work together in helping you to achieve sobriety by leading you through the WAR Courses.

WAR Classroom Courses And Curriculum

1. WAR Spiritual

2. WAR Nutrition

3. WAR Fitness Course

4. WAR Therapy

WAR Intensive Outpatient Program Overview

  1. Assessment / Program Design: The first week of the WAR program will be the assessment which will include: assessment and treatment planning, goal setting and priorities discussion, a nutrition discussion, a medical history discussion, upper and lower body functional screening, a movement analysis, and aerobic testing. The reason for the assessment is to give the licensed professionals a proper understanding of who the client is mentally, physically, nutritionally, and emotionally so that a more individualized program may be developed, though still in a group setting.
  2. Fitness instruction from a Certified Coach: The class involves a warm up element, weight training element, and a metabolic conditioning element. Classes typically run for one hour and hiking and other experiences two hours.
  3. The WAR Classroom: In the WAR classroom is where instruction is given regarding the WAR Lifestyle + Processing Group. The major tenants of the WAR philosophy are covered and include: counseling, nutrition, strength and conditioning, and the WAR spiritual practices.
  4. WAR Group Meetings: will provide instruction and group participation will be encouraged.  Group counseling builds trust and compassion, helping you to realize that you are not alone in your recovery process.
  5. Individualized Therapy: Clients receive weekly individual counseling sessions to identify and work through issues that are limiting their recovery.
  6. Community Resources: Client will be connected with local resources and health care professionals that will help you.
  7. Relapse Prevention: The WAR groups will help you to see relapse warning signs. They will also teach you how to cope and endure through the process.
  8. After Care: After graduating the WAR program we will encourage you to keep living the WAR lifestyle and to become a WAR Life Coach in your own community so that you can help others to find sobriety. We will encourage you to join the WAR community and attend out trainings on “Becoming A WAR Life Coach” so that you, too, can become certified and help us further our efforts in leading people to change.
  9. Manual and books: You will be provided a WAR Manual and Books (WAR + School of Addiction) to supplement the material covered in the classroom, which you will be required to work out of and complete in order to graduate the program.