WAR Day Treatment Program

Workout Addiction Recovery’s Day treatment is a comprehensive addiction treatment program for those that struggle with substance abuse disorder. We offer a unique approach using the twelves steps and the WAR lifestyle, which includes:

  1. WAR Spiritual
  2. WAR Nutrition
  3. WAR Fitness
  4. WAR Therapy

When students come into the WAR Day Treatment Program they will be assigned a WAR primary therapist, that will lead and guide them to learning and living the WAR lifestyle. They will lead them in the WAR fitness experiences and into the spiritual work of: hiking, jogging, biking, reading, and communicating affectively, and much more. The client and therapist will gain each others respect, and a beautiful life long relationship will be formed.

It is our philosophy that if we can lead you to becoming a WAR life coach then your chances of staying sober are greater. But the only way we can lead you to becoming a WAR life coach is by persuading you to live the WAR lifestyle first. Our goal will be to get you to live the war lifestyle to the fullest, while at the same time teaching you how to become a coach. You learn it by living it-period!

WAR Day Treatment Program Course Overview

Spiritual Course

In the WAR spiritual course you will learn our philosophy behind creating spiritual experiences for ourselves in an effort to capture new memories and nostalgia that enable us to switch paths. And how it is that we go about finding these spiritual experiences, and why.

WAR Spiritual Course Topics:
Diligence, Reading, Writing, Priorities, Goal Setting
Walking, Hiking, Jogging, Sprinting, Track & Fields, Swimming
Meditation, Music, Prayer, Gratitude, Family, Patience.

Nutrition Course

In the WAR nutrition course you will learn our philosophy behind finding hormonal balance by participating in good nutritional practices. And how it is that if a person can find balance and discipline with food—then oftentimes they can find balance and discipline in their overall life as well.

WAR Nutrition Course Topics:
Protein & Hydration
Food Quality & Hormones
Balance, WAR Rule of 3, Eating Schedule, Food Tracking
Carbohydrates & Fats
Food Intolerances, The Gut, The Immune System
Good Lifestyle Practices & Longevity
Life Performance & Sport Performance

WAR Gym Course

In the WAR Gym Course you will learn our philosophy inside the WAR gym experience, and how we use the art of strength of conditioning (barbell) to lead us to feeling confident and better about ourselves. And if we feel confident and good about ourselves then we have better chance at remaining our clear selves.

WAR Gym Course Topics:
The WAR Assessment & Mobility, WAR Weight Training
The Squat, The Pull-Up, The Dead Lift, The Press, The Bent Over Row
Linear Progression, The CNS, Program Design
Energy System Training

WAR Life Coaching Course 

In the WAR Life Coaching Course you will learn how to tie it all together by diving deeper into the WAR spiritual concepts. Addiction creates holes in our character—which means the only cure is to build a brand new one that has less holes it.

WAR Life Coaching Topics:
Becoming Softened, Hope, Replace It, Learning
Communication, Prayer, Quiet Strength, Forgiving
Searcher, Endurance, Cravings, Becoming A Coach

Candidates for the WAR Day Treatment Drug & Alcohol Program

Workout Addiction Recovery’s Day Treatment Program is designed for adults, aged 18 and older who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Clients may live at home or in the WAR Sober Living house as they work through our drug and alcohol day treatment program.

Program Hours

The WAR Day Treatment is 25 hours per week, Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

Insurance Coverage

Call to speak with one of our intake coordinators (801) 807-1760 who specialize in working with you and your insurance to achieve the best utilization of all available insurance benefits.

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