Individual Therapy

Find Your 'Why?'

Clients have an opportunity to work one on one with a licensed and experienced therapist, addressing the client’s individual needs. Client will gain self-awareness and understandings as well as receive guidance to continue to improve their recovery, relationships with self and with others, and build healthy coping skills. Sessions are a safe place for clients to open up and gain new understandings about themselves and addiction. 

  • Work one on one with licensed therapists and counselors to address individual needs
  • Clients will assist in creating their own individualized treatment plans and personalized goals
  • You will address your personal issues with your therapist and gain insight and awareness into what you need for a successful journey to recovery
  • Develop and practice new coping skills to assist in living a healthy lifestyle
  • Work on accountability and independence
  • Address family and relationship dynamics and gain an understanding of healthier relationship skills