Episode #20 – Stand and Fight

We are joined by fitness, wellness, and life coach, Rob Eastman. Rob runs a gym, works with kids, and helps those struggling with addiction. We talk facing your challenges head on. Standing up and fighting what brings you down. Rob is an inspiration, tune in and elevate your life!

Rob’s weekly challenge: Body Language

Body language has a big impact on perception, behavior, belief systems, etc. If you catch yourself folding your arms, or putting your hands in your pockets, drop and do 10 pushups every time.

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Episode #16 – Build Your Foundation

This week we sit down with the new Primary Therapist at W.A.R., Justin Zizumbo. We talk about the ingredients to putting together a resilient lifestyle, cutting out what holds you back, and building your foundation to weather the storm.

Justin’s Weekly Challenge: Cut It Out 2x 

Part 1 – Cut something out of your life that is a time suck. An app, the snooze button, etc.

Part 2 – Be conscious of the amount of sugar you are taking in to your body through beverages. Sports drinks, energy drinks, etc. all contain a massive amount of sugar. Compete with that for a few days and notice the difference in your energy levels, clarity, and happiness.

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Episode #14 – Slay Your Dragon


Dr. Dan Freigang stops by the studio to talk awareness, adapting, and going on a quest to slay your dragons.

Dr. Dan’s Weekly Challenge: Stories

Find a story that has influenced you. Fiction or non-fiction. Something that has inspired you to change, become better, and think differently. Share this story with people in your life and what specifically has influenced you.


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Episode #12 – Learning to Fail


Author, speaker, and interventionist, Dan Workman,  joins us this week to talk perspective, self belief, and learning to fail. Dan is the Author of the book, ‘Black Tar Mormon’ and the founder of Quitters Prosper. Check out his blog, keephopingpeople.com

Dan’s Weekly Challenge: 3-a-day

Redefine your goals for the year from the viewpoint of who and where you want to be. Fuel that fire by reaching out and helping 3 people per day. Social media, phone calls, texts, giving someone your time and an ear, etc. By giving your time and efforts to help someone find happiness, you are stating that you have it to give. This will have a big impact on the progress of your personal goals.

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Episode #11 – Become Fearless

We are joined by Don Coleman from Wasatch Recovery to talk alternate forms of treatment, competing with cravings, and becoming fearless.

Don’s Weekly Challenge: Decisions

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side, list 3 decisions you made today that made you feel good about yourself. On the other, 3 decisions you made that didn’t make you feel good about yourself. Over time, you will find themes to this and be able to extract values and your personal mission statement to live by. When you have done this for a week, share this list with someone you trust. Share the themes you’ve discovered with us!

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Episode #10 – Recovery First


UFC Fighter, Court McGee joins us at the WAR studio to talk people and the impact they have, priorities, and how putting recovery first will allow everything else to line up. Court tells his incredible story about how he went from dying due to an overdose to fighting in front of millions.

Court’s Weekly Challenge: Make your Bed

Sound silly? It’s not. By making your bed every morning, you are starting your day with an accomplishment and exercising discipline. After a long day, regardless of how difficult it was, you are coming home to a made bed and the feeling that everything will be ok.

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The Daily Experience 8/25/15

The WAR assessment. When people now come into WAR they get a proper assessment, which helps us as life coaches to determine the best program for them. Let us know if you are interested in getting an assessment done.



A1. 6-8 OHS (bar only) @ 22×0

…….rest 1 min.

A2. 16 KB Snatch (55/35–8 ea. arm)

…….rest 1 min. X 3


A. Quickly, build to a tough single in the clean & jerk (not 1 rm)

B1. 8 push press @ 20×0 (build)

…….rest 2 min.

B2. 15-20 kipp pull-ups

…….rest 2 min. X 3-5


3-5 sets @ 85% of:

20 sec. sumo dead lift high pulls (95/65)

20 sec. burpees

20 sec. kbs (70/55)

20 sec. tng box jumps (24/20)

20 sec. double unders

20 sec. wall balls

…….rest 6 min. actively working on hand stand walks/rings/skill work.

Note: log total reps.


The Remote Experience

The Lake Swimming Experience

A. Go to a lake and go swimming. Make it playful swimming.

B. Chill out at the lake. Work on living in the moment. Take some time to reflect.

C. Read for 20 minutes

D. Take pictures + email or text them to me, or post them on instagram and tag @dustinlhawkins

The Weekend Experience

Student Program

A. Build to a tough double in the power clean

B. Build to a tough double in the power snatch


3 sets of:

8 Dead Lift @ 70% of LB 3RM

……rest 1 minute

16 CTB Pull-Ups

…….rest 1 minute

8 CG Bench Press @ 70% of 3RM (doesn’t have to UB)

…….rest 1 minute


The Jogging Experience

A. Go for a 25 minute jog in a unique location.

B. Read for 20 minutes wherever you end up.

C. Close the experience off with a prayer of a sort.

D. Take a picture + write a short paragraph describing the experience..

The Daily Experience 4/7/15

Fly Fishing

I’ve been fishing the past 2 days and have had a blast. I grew up my whole life fly fishing with my best buddies from my childhood neighborhood. Our backyards were linked together by a fence, and our fathers and grandfathers got us into fly fishing at a young age. As 10 year old kids we used to travel into wyoming and parts of Idaho to explore their beautiful trout rivers and streams. And most importantly, to learn how to be patient and deal with downtime. Oftentimes, on the river, the fishing gets slow and sometimes boring; and you gotta learn to deal with that boredom by seeking to appreciate nature and the beauty of the river by living in the moment of it all. Reading is a common practice along the river, and when the afternoon nap calls your name, then you take it on the bank while letting the river lead you to meditative sleep.


Remote Program

A. Complete:

15 minute jog (z1/slow pace–Unbroken–plugged in to music).

15 minute walk (plugged in to an audio book)

B. Send out a text of gratitude


Student Program

Note: reminder, we are de-loading in the strong this week. We will low bar and FS on Thursday just to stay on those lifts through this week, but this week should be a good fun conditioning testing week. Challenge yourself

A. Complete 21, 15, 9 for time:

Dead Lift (225/155)

HSPU OR Burpees

B. 15 minute Z1 jog (work on prayer & gratitude)


Life Coach Program


A. 5 minute Z1 row (meditative thought. Get ready in your head)

B. 5 minutes of mobility work (shoulders, knees, biceps, foam roll, etc)


A. power snatch – 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 2×[email protected]%

B. jerk balance – 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 2×[email protected]%

C. rdl (1rm clean) – 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 2×[email protected]%

(outlaw emphasis)


A. Low Bar: 5×3 @ 80% (3RM)

Note: post how this goes.