The WAR Classroom

The WAR classroom is where we dig deeper into the WAR lifestyle. We have designed curriculum that the coach will lead the student though for 90 days. After 90 days, and if the student did well, then they will graduate from the program and then move onto phase 2, which is the mentor phase. Remember, we are trying to turn all of our students into WAR life coaches.

Pretty cool…

The WAR Gym and From Student To Life Coach

The WAR Gym & From Student To Life Coach

We got a new rack and platform in the WAR gym. This WAR Gym continues to lead people to positive change and I cannot tell you how thankful I am for it. We have been going for 5 years now and the experiences have been priceless. Our little WAR community is quite special.

Again, people come into WAR being a student, but then move into a mentor, and then onto becoming a WAR life coach. Our coaches grow from within. We feel that in order to become a good life coach you have to first experience what it is like to be a student.