The Spiritual Mind Frame

The Spiritual Mind Frame

by Hawk

The spiritual mind frame is one that sees God in everything. It’s the mind frame that tells us to not escape back into the world; and that if we do, then we will lose that heightened frame of mind, and will be implanted back down into the regular old world — the one of which most people reside.

Obedience to a set of spiritual laws is what implants the seed of the spiritual into our system. Remaining clear is of a great importance, but so is what we think about, how we treat others, and how we speak.

Pornography is a mind drug that can eat the human spirit and soul with a quickness; and there is no way that the spiritual can reside in a mind frame that has been polluted by such videos and images. Therefore, if you are one who is seeking a better attitude and behavior, then it would be wise for you to seek out the spiritual mind frame by making a valiant effort to abstain from more that just drugs and alcohol.

This means turning your head when you want to look; this means treating people as you would hope to be treated; this means being a person who does not speak ill of others when their character flaws and faults seem to get in your way and inconvenience you.

The disease of addiction is more that just a drugs and alcohol problem; its a character flaw problem. One can dry up and be free from drugs and alcohol for a great amount of time — but that does not mean that they are still not running rabid with the disease, because they are. If they have not gone to work on the 12 step repentance process then they will remain hindered, hard, and blinded, with leaving no room for the seed of the spiritual to take root within their mind and heart.

Turning our complete life over to God, and then asking Him to remove our impulsive thinking and character weaknesses are the first steps in the repentance process. This act alone shows that we are humble, scared, and cannot do it alone anymore: we are powerless on our own against the Dragon and we now know this to be true — which now the spiritual can take root because we are humble enough to receive it.

….to be continued.

Another Replay

Another Replay

Part 4 of 4

“Listen to you again? Why are you like this? You truly are pathetic” – The Dragon

I wonder if he will give me another Adderal? No, I don’t need another Adderal, I’ve already had three; however, my buddies only think that I’ve had one because I strategically asked each one of them for one without the other knowing, since all three of them have their own private stash in their pack. I do want another one though, but that would mean stealing one out of their pack- but I don’t want to do that. Maybe I’ll just ask the one buddy, who I’m fairly confident will give me another one. My other two buddies won’t do it, but my one buddy shouldn’t have a problem with it if I pitch it the right way. In the mean time I’ll have another cigarette. If I can’t get another Adderal maybe I’ll start drinking a little bit; I know that there is whiskey back at the camp. I need to slow down with these cigarettes. I don’t usually smoke cigarettes, but they are great right now since the come down off of Adderal hurts so badly. Maybe I should try fishing for a little bit before I have another- yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

Man this come down hurts so bad, maybe I’ll read my scriptures. I have to read my scriptures because this come down hurts so bad. I want to get back on the light path, but my mind seems to be so dark right now. Is it time for another cigarette? What about some pot? -I don’t want to take another Adderal. Oh please God help me to stop. Please help me to not take another Adderal; please help me with my thinking. Please give me some happy thoughts; I hate how I feel right now.

That last cigarette made me feel better, and it’s getting late in the day. I don’t want to take another Adderal. I’m just going to smoke some more pot, and maybe take a horn off of that whiskey. It’s been five hours since my last Adderal; hopefully some happy thoughts will start creeping back into my mind. The weed helped a little, but now I seem to be worrying about things I can’t control. I feel like God is so far away from me right now; I need to go read my scriptures. The constant scripture study seems to bring some slight peace back into my soul, but it’s only followed by the want to have another head change from a cigarette, or some pot, or some whiskey. Thank goodness for the scriptures, for without their guiding light right now I’d be completely lost. I hope I can get the spirit back into my heart and soul, for without the spirit I can’t be who I need to be; I can’t fight the WAR with my addiction without Christ’s guiding influence in my life.

I still feel really irritable and down even though I have drank a bunch of whiskey, and have smoked pot and cigarettes in abundance. I still can’t feel how I want to feel. I brought some Valium to help me sleep since we are in the backcountry for three days, and I don’t usually sleep very well in a tent. I know the Valium will help, but have I drank too much to take a Valium? I always get a little nervous when I mix drinking and tranquilizers for fear of the combination slowing me down too much to where I might not wake up. Maybe I’ll just take half of the Valium to just to play it safe. Hopefully this half of Valium will slow me down, but also lift my mood, so that I can then relax and enjoy the night’s campfire; if it doesn’t, then I will take the other half, and possibly another half until it does.

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The Trip: The Power of Amphetamine

The Trip: The Power of Amphetamine

A Story Told by the Dragon

Part 3 of 4

You know that your buddy has Adderal in his pack since he has a prescription. You can tell by the way that he is fishing that he is on it but of course him and your other buddies are trying to hide it from you because they know that you have had a problem with it in the past and they are not ones to help you relapse.

Fishing is so much more fun on Adderal; it keeps you focused, and provides a euphoria when it first kicks in that is indescribable. Fly-fishing is a sport that takes patience and focus; Adderal assists with this patience and focus, and even creates a proactive character for when the fishing is slow, which then causes the fishing not to be slow since you are speeded up.

Now the thought of Adderal has burrowed deep into your mind in which you can almost feel its effects even though you haven’t taken any yet. You know that if you ask in the right way that there is a slight chance that he will give you one; and then after you get that one, if you ask in the right way again, that he may give you two, and then the game continues. Now those packs of cigarettes in your pack will prove to be a great tool, since Adderal always leads you to wanting more. More alcohol; more weed; more cigarettes; more Adderal; more Opiate; more Valium; more of everything. Now the trip won’t be about fishing anymore, it will be about the chase.

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No Other Way

No Other Way

by Hawk

I know of no other way to make progress in this life than by searching for those spiritual experiences that help me to slow down and pay attention to what matters most. If we don’t find these times to capture the moment, then we will not see where and when we might be of assistance in a struggling persons life.

The road of life seems to be one that is bumpy and rocky, and if we are not in a constant search for a brighter character, then we will get trapped in the rocks and crevices; and will not be able to grow in the way that we influence people. A brighter character is what we need to seek after the most, and before anything else; which if we do, then our own circle of influence will grow and it will not be hard for us to find success.

So we must take time out of our day to read out of the most powerful books, and then we must walk in the light of those books. We must hold true to a moral law or code so that we can find ourselves being clean and clear in mind, body, and spirit: making it so we can feel the spiritual guiding and directing us in our lives.

So there is also the importance of not acting like you are too busy to participate in the WAR lifestyle. Such a way of acting hurried and busy will only lead you back down the perpetual road of addiction. If, then, someone asks you what you are up to, then say casually: “not a whole lot”–even if it is true that you are involved in a whole lot. Don’t appear to be overwhelmed or busy, but stay poised, temperate, and composed–so that the spiritual stays in you. The spiritual cannot dwell fully in one who is always acting busy and stressed. Therefore, it could be said, then, that if we don’t have the spiritual running through our system at all times then our chances of staying clear are slim to none.

Finding Our Patient Selves

Finding Our Patient Selves

by Hawk

You must find your patient self if you are to experience the spiritual working in your life. A spiritual person is a patient person, and if you are one who is always finding yourself being upset or impatient, then you are one who is lacking in your character.

So we must be patient with our family members and friends, and when someone cuts us off in traffic then we must wave and not get upset. At home, and after a long hard day, we can practice being patient around our families; and when there calls for a time to get upset or lose our cool, then we don’t, because we stay poised and patient.

When money struggles arise, we carry a special type of faith and patience, where we rely on God’s help, with knowing perfectly that he will help us to improve our situaltion as long as we stay clear, obedient, and true to His timetable.

And then when we are pushed to our final limit; where the want to escape becomes at it’s greatest height–then we choose to endure a little longer because of how our mind frame has been conditioned in to knowing that endurance and patience is what it takes to achieve greatness in this life.

The WAR Lifestyle does help us to change, however, it is slow develop in how it changes us. The years of learning our addiction takes time to become unlearned, though it is true that the progressive WAR way of life will change an individual faster than any other way of life will, that is, once it’s carefully learned. Learning the Art of WAR takes time, since the arts of strength and conditioning, nutrition, and spirituality are disciplines that are complicated by nature, and take time to develop.

For those that are patient and have the discipline to stick with it, then the WAR art form will change them for the better, and will cause them to rise to a new way of life; and their addiction disease will become manageable and far way, making it so their life is manageable, progressive, and even enjoyable.

Lack Confidence In Staying Sober

Lack Confidence In Staying Sober

by Hawk

Some lack confidence in themselves, others lack the confidence that they can stay sober. I guess for me, I am of the latter group; I do believe in myself in a lot of ways, though I am not so confident in my ability to stay sober, which scares me. It’s such hard work trying to stay sober: the meetings; the gym experiences; the remote experiences; the weekend experiences; the nutrition; the therapy; the church; the reading; the prayer; and after all of that I still can’t find any safety from opiate. He still tugs on me everyday, and I’m coming to believe that it’s never going to change, and I’m okay with it. I’m okay with having to work as hard as I do each day to stay clear, and for those of you that share this same struggle–you should be okay with it as well; at least we have the WAR lifestyle to participate in each day.

Being an addict doesn’t have to be all that bad of a deal, especially if we work hard each day 0n our recovery. We can find God in our recovery, and I know for me–were it not for addiction, I would’ve never found God, which makes me wonder if becoming an addict was a blessing. By me becoming an addict I have found out who I truly am, and what I’m supposed to do in this life, which is another blessing.

I have had to become a searcher of another way to experience life so that I could shed the dark soul that I was carrying for so long. You, too, can shed the dark soul by living the WAR way of life. I wish I could say that it is an easy process, because it’s not; it takes hard work, sweat, and lots of tears, but if there is any way at all to feel better, then it is through the WAR way of life.

I just want you to know that I am not perfect, nor have I ever claimed to be; and if I felt like I had to be perfect then I couldn’t do this–so there I said it– I am not perfect. I am one who struggles with the disease of addiction everyday just like many of you; and I use the WAR program to help me stay sober just as much as anybody. And yes, I am scared of not having what it takes to stay sober; and I do lack confidence–but I’m hopeful that if I keep trying, each day, then I will soon find my confident self when it comes to my addiction.

The Trip Replay–Part 2

“You’re pathetic, and I love it; let me replay how you sound”

–The Dragon

The Trip Drive


I just need to make it through the five-hour car ride. If I can make it through the car ride without escaping, I will be happy with myself. It does, however-sound fun to smoke a little pot, but I don’t want to smoke pot right now, it’ll make me weird and will completely change the day. Maybe if I just have a few beers it will make the car ride a lot funner, and plus, my one buddy who is driving has no problem staying clear all of the time. Nope, I’m not going to do it. I’m going to stay in reality the entire car ride, and then when we get there maybe I’ll reward myself with a few beers, but I don’t want to.

Yes, I made it; well, I pretty much made it. We are only an hour away–should I get a 12-pack for when that hour ends? I don’t really want to, but I’m tired of battling in my head, and a few beers does sound nice–so why not. Maybe I should get some prime time cigarettes as well. I like to smoke prime times when I’m drinking, and I’m on vacation now–so why not again.

That first beer went down nice and fast, but I need to be careful of how fast I drink these because everyone else is just casually sipping their beers, but I seemed to have downed mine with a quickness. I don’t want them to think that I’m weird, but they probably won’t even notice so I’ll just keep going at the pace that I want to go at. Everything will be fine, and I’m on vacation so it really doesn’t matter anyway.

These beers have got me lifted, and now I’m starting to think about some pot. Yeah, it’s time to smoke some pot. It’ll make me even happier, and I love the eight-beer pot combination; that combination always seems to put me on top.

Oh wow, I’m really lifted now. I hope my families okay. I hope everything’s okay at home. Why did I do this? This trip is going to be so hard on me. I’ve got five more days of this battle. How am I going to do it? I already want to escape at a high level right now, imagine what the days to come are going to be like. I’m tripping out right now; I just need to relax; everything will be fine–I hope. Maybe if I drink another beer it’ll even me out from the affects of the pot. Yeah, that’s exactly what I’ll do; in fact, maybe I’ll take a horn off of that whiskey, I’m sure that’ll do the trick.

The Campfire


I’m so glad we are finally here around the campfire; I should stop drinking though. These cigarettes make me feel so good while I’m drinking; I’m so glad that I bought this pack of Marlboro Lights, which should be plenty, at least for tonight. Maybe I’ll buy some more for the backcountry. No, I won’t get more for the backcountry. I don’t even smoke cigarettes, so why would I need some for the three days in the backcountry? I’m planning on remaining clear anyway while I’m back there–at least that is my hope. I’ll just keep partying tonight because this is it; I’m spending the remainder of the trip clear. I can do it.

The Prayer


Please help me to slow down Heavenly Father. I don’t want to continue on this dark path for the remainder of the trip. Please help me to go into the backcountry tomorrow and be content with being clear. I can’t do my life without you; I’m scared to do my life without you; I’m scared right now, so please help me to get back on track, and please forgive me of my weaknesses. I want to live the clear life so bad, and I do pretty well while I’m in my safe routine, but once I step out of that safe routine, I always seem to falter and fall, then regressing back towards my old self. Thank you for my life and my family, and please watch over them while I’m off escaping; and please watch over me while I’m off escaping.

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The Trip…Part 1

The Trip

A Story Told by the Dragon

Part 1

Don’t keep worrying about your upcoming camping and fishing trip with your buddies. Fly-fishing used to be a sport that you loved. You grew up fly fishing with your dad, so it truly is an incredible past time hobby that you need to continue to enjoy; however, you haven’t seemed to be able to enjoy fishing these past years and you and I both no the reason as of to why.

You started taking yourself out of reality while fishing a few years back, where it started with weed, then alcohol, then amphetamine, then opiate, then smoking cigarettes; and now when you try to go fishing again with this new chosen healthy spiritual lifestyle that you have since embarked on, you are no longer able to enjoy the simplicity of fly fishing. What used to be a child hood passion of fishing and living in the moment while enjoying the beauty of scenery, has now diminished, causing fishing to become the ultimate trigger since your memory has developed a worldly concept; or the escape concept; or the escape while fishing concept.

It’s going to be interesting to see how you do on this trip. I know that you want to believe that you can do this trip clear, but I’m playing a powerful role in the back of your mind. I’m making you very unsure aren’t I? You can’t stay in your safe routine at home your whole life, and I very much agree with everyone who keeps telling you that you need to go on this fishing trip so that you can be with your friends since you rarely get to hang out with them anymore. Just take everyones advice, and go have a good time, you deserve it. You don’t need to fight the WAR on this trip, just let go and progress back down my path. My path is the fun path; my path is the pot path; my path is the alcohol path; my path is the primetime cigarette path; my path is the Adderal path; my path is the Opiate path; and most importantly, my path is the uneasy path, where I want to lift you up quickly, but then drop you in to a non-peaceful state. My hope is that you’ll come my way on this trip, and then, re-become, once again, my long lost prisoner.

My Name Is Boredom


My Name Is Boredom

by Hawk

I am downtime. I am apart of everyone’s life. I am what occurs when any lifestyle change away from Addiction takes place. I am not fun, and until you can learn to deal with me I will lead you back to Addiction time and time again. Some people have become great at dealing with me, and others can’t stand me: in fact, most can’t stand me, which is why the Dragon has given me such an important role. You see, He knows how hard I am for people to deal with; he knows that, more than likely, most will fail in their attempt when trying to overcome me, then making Me one of the main reasons as of to why people don’t end up making it: simply because they cannot deal with me.

I am also great at leading people down the perpetual road of addiction; I do help them to get started, because once again, no one can deal with Me. Everyone wants to be entertained at all times nowadays. Now with the smart phones, the internet, the television, the gaming, the TV’s in cars, the TV’s in Gyms, and on and on the list could go, point being is that all of these things are now making what I do more effective, because in a sly and hidden way, these things are causing people to become less effective in dealing with Me. Slowly but surely they are becoming a person that needs to be stimulated at all times; or a person that needs to be entertained or having fun at all times, which then becomes and addiction in itself; even a hidden addiction where no joy can be found in the simple things anymore.

A car without a TV in it is now Me; working out without an iPod is now Me; not having internet access is now Me; not having a smart phone, or even access to a phone is now Me; not having an Xbox or a Ps3 is now Me; not having a computer is now Me; not having Netflix is now me; not having all of the latest and greatest inventions and entertainment is now Me.

I make idle time the Dragons greatest tool; I am idle time. I make it so the Dragon can put lies, deceit, and depression into your mind. I am one of his greatest tools because through Me His whispers are heard clearest. Through Me the greatest chance for you to regress can take place.

The WAR Life Coaching Era

The WAR Life Coaching Era

The WAR program changes both the student and coaches lives’. The student by learning and becoming; and the coach by teaching the student–which then, results in them becoming even more.
And on and on this beautiful cycle can go: with the student becoming a coach, and then the coach becoming more–or that of a WAR life coach.

Moving forward I think the world is going to need life coaches, especially WAR Life coaches. The addiction disease is on the rise, and is spreading: and the way that people learn nowadays is far different than it used to be.

Using the standard form of therapy–of only meeting and talking an addict through their mind struggles may be shifting. The world as we know it is changing, where being stimulated is easily captured through the phones, the iPads, the social media, and much more. This means that the way people are learning is changing, which also means that the way people are learning how to change is changing as well. Moving forward into the teens of the two thousands, I feel as if you are one who only knows how to give counsel in the standard way, and having no knowledge of how to lead people into the arts of strength & conditioning, nutrition, and spirituality; then you are going to be stuck behind the curve moving forward.

So the era of life coaching is upon us: even a form of life coach who will have the ability to teach a physical and spiritual art that will be of use to their clients; and will help them to stay clear, healthy, and happy.

This coach will be able to teach their clients how to escape the dark mind; and how the monotony of life can be broken up and brightened by them having the strength and conditioning, nutrition, and spiritual routine all in place. This coach will give their client something to look forward to each day–by challenging them: mentally, physically, and spiritually–and giving them ideas on how to find the spiritual experience in all that they do.