Episode #7 – Soul on Fire

Author, speaker, coach, and trainer, Todd Sylvester, joins us to talk about the power of giving back, the immovable center, being a master creator, and setting your Soul on Fire.

Todd’s Weekly Challenge: Hour of Power

Start your day with Todd’s Hour of Power:

  • Turn on some soft meditation music
  • Set your Intent for the day
  • Read your Personal Declaration – What you believe you will do today, tomorrow, in life.
  • Imagine your declaration in detail: sights, smells, experiences, etc.
  • Read and Ponder – Todd’s choice “Mind is the Master” by James Allen.
  • Embrace the Silence
  • Give it Away! – “If you want to be…Give it away.” Inspire someone, write a letter of appreciation, text a friend. When you give it away, you are declaring you have it.


Find out more about Todd Sylvester:




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Episode #6 – Perfection through Imperfection

MLB All-Star, John Buck, stops by to talk about dealing with a parent suffering from addiction, using failures as building blocks, defined goals, and his keys to creating success.

Buck’s Weekly Challenge: Get Motivated / Find Peace

Start your day with a motivational YouTube video. Refine your search to what you specifically need motivation for.

End your day with a guided meditation YouTube video. Again refine your search.

Set the goal to do this for a solid week. Share the videos you choose.

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Episode #5 – Keep the Edges Sharp

UFC Veteran, Josh Burkman, stops by the W.A.R. Studio to talk about the power of a healthy lifestyle, spiritual awareness, and keeping the edges sharp.

Weekly Challenge: Get Connected

Go on a 60 minute walk, ear buds playing inspiring music or an audio book. Connect with your higher power. Send out 4 text messages to reconnect with people you have lost touch with.

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Episode #4 – Perseverance

Dustin and Frank are joined by Alex to discuss perseverance and having the courage to stick to your decisions.

Weekly Challenge: Fake it ’til you make it

Picture your ideal life and routine. One day at a time, little by little, live that routine, starting NOW. You don’t have to be perfect to start. Live the change you want to see. The little things are what add up to this ideal life. Make it happen.

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Episode #3 – Hawk’s Rant – Be a Searcher

Dustin and Frank discuss becoming a searcher for replacements to addiction. Search for the Gym, Nutrition, Music, etc.

Weekly Challenge: Hill Sprints and Gratitude

Pick a topic that you are battling with in your mind. Find a hill and sprint up, while focusing on gratitude on the walk back down. Rest a few minutes and repeat. Revisit the topic that you are battling. After this exercise, you will have a clear, calm mind, and a straightened out perspective on the issue you need to face. Tag @waraddiction on your experiences

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Episode #2 – Win the Day

Dustin and Frank sit down with WAR Life coach, Russ, to talk about his road to recovery and his keys to sobriety. Russ has a compelling story that will inspire anyone to win the day.


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Episode #1 – What is WAR?

Dustin and Frank talk the W.A.R. Philosophy, and discuss the events inspiring the creation of W.A.R.


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The WAR Classroom

The WAR classroom is where learn from counselors, therapists and medical professionals. We have designed curriculum for day treatment, intensive outpatient programs and family program that will strengthen and educate the client and their support system.

The Daily Experience 10/26/15

Garrick competing in his first weightlifting competition. Snatch 102/#224

This dude has come such a long way; it’s incredible to see what he is now doing with his life. Since coming to WAR he has brought an incredible energy, attitude, and intensity that has helped the program, culture, and WAR community to improve. I’m thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with him and to witness such an incredible transformation take place. He had a major collar bone injury occur even less than a year ago and has bounced back by showing great determination. That’s what life is all about–bouncing back, which Garrick did, now causing him to become a tougher man because of his injury and addiction experiences.

Nice work bro and keep making it all happen. The future looks great for you. The barbell way of life is the best way of life. Stay close to the barbell and you will be safe and successful 🙂



Weight Training

A. 3 Pos. Snatch: 50, 60, 70, 75, 70.

B. 3 Power Jerk: 50, 60, 70, 75, 70

C. 3 Back Squat @ 31×1 X 5 (build to a 3RM)


MAP Session

3 sets of:

1 min. of calorie rows

1 min. of burpees

1 min. of box jumps (20)

1 min. of wall balls

1 min. of KBS (55/35)

1 min. of double unders

1 min. of toes 2 bar

1 min. of jumping back squats (45/33 lb bar)

1 min. of pull-ups

1 min. of hspu’s

…….rest 2 min.

Note: compare reps from round 1, 2, 3. Score is total reps.





The Daily Experience

Kendl putting together a good looking snatch.  She is in the last week of a 12 week cycle and has worked hard to get better. I’m proud of what she is doing.


Weight Training

A. 3 Snatch: 60, 70, 80, 90 x 2, 80.

B. Split Pos. BTN Shoulder Press: 3 x 3 (high intensity)

(OBB Dave Flemming)


The Balance

7 Sets of:

10 wall balls

Run 200 meters

…….rest 60 sec.


7 Sets of:

50 yd. prowler push (heavy–25 out high/25 back low)

…….rest 60 sec.