Interested In Becoming A WAR Life Coach?

This program is for our alumni who successfully complete the WAR program and have a desire to deepen their understanding and practice of the WAR lifestyle and help others. The world needs more competent WAR Life Coaches so that we can do our part in fighting the WAR against drug and alcohol addiction.

Workout Addiction Recovery: Becoming A WAR Life Coach

The Workout Addiction Recovery (WAR): Becoming A WAR Life Coach teaches the WAR lifestyle detailed in the books WAR: The New Approach To Conquering Drug And Alcohol Addiction and The School of Addiction: One Coaches Philosophy On How To Overcome Drug And Alcohol Addiction. The WAR Life Coaching is for WAR alumni who are interested in learning how to help those that struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other addictions— to positive change by teaching and persuading them to live the HEALTH of the WAR lifestyle. We believe that in order for any positive change to take place in an individuals life that an intense lifestyle change must to take place—one involving the harmonization of the mind, body, and spirit.

Our goal is to turn you into competent WAR Life Coaches who now have the ability to lead those that struggle with addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.. to change—so that one day, they, too, can become WAR Life Coaches themselves. And on and on this beautiful student to coach transformation can take place so that people all over can be helped by WAR Life Coaches.

Spiritual Course Overview

In the WAR spiritual course you will learn our philosophy behind creating spiritual experiences for ourselves in an effort to capture new memories and nostalgia that enable us to switch paths. And how it is that we go about finding these spiritual experiences, and why.

WAR Spiritual Course Topics:

  • Diligence, Reading, Writing, Priorities, Goal Setting
  • Walking, Hiking, Jogging, Sprinting, Track & Fields, Swimming
  • Meditation, Music, Prayer, Gratitude, Family, Patience, 12 steps

Nutrition Course Overview

In the WAR nutrition course you will learn our philosophy behind finding hormonal balance by participating in good nutritional practices. And how it is that if a person can find balance and discipline with food—then oftentimes they can find balance and discipline in their overall life as well.

WAR Nutrition Course Topics:

  • Protein & Hydration
  • Food Quality & Hormones
  • Balance, WAR Rule of 3, Eating Schedule, Food Tracking
  • Carbohydrates & Fats
  • Food Intolerances, The Gut, The Immune System
  • Good Lifestyle Practices & Longevity
  • Life Performance & Sport Performance

WAR Gym Course Overview

In the WAR Gym Course you will learn our philosophy inside the WAR gym experience, and how we use the art of strength of conditioning (barbell) to lead us to feeling confident and better about ourselves. And if we feel confident and good about ourselves then we have better chance at remaining our clear selves.

WAR Gym Course Topics:

  • The WAR Assessment & Mobility, WAR Weight Training
  • The Squat, The Pull-Up, The Dead Lift, The Press, The Bent Over Row / Power Clean
  • Linear Progression, The CNS, Program Design
  • Energy System Training

Levels of Completion

WAR Seminar currently offers two levels of completion. First, attendance at the seminar provides a certificate of attendance. However, in order to become a certified WAR Life Coach then practicals, further projects, and home work will be required.

Reading & Writing Assignments:

  • WAR: The New Approach To Conquering Addiction (3 page paper)
  • The School Of Addiction: One Coaches Philosophy On How To Overcome Drug & Alcohol Addiction. (3 page paper)
  • WAR Spiritual Manual (Completion of Manual + 10 min. Presentation—Skype or in person)
  • Send us pictures of your spiritual experiences with brief blurbs about how they went and how they made you feel.

Gym & Nutrition Assignments:

  • Send 3 pictures of a full days preparation of food (breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner) with a paragraph describing the WHY behind it all.
  • Send a video of you performing and or coaching the following lifts: The Air Squat, The Back Squat, The Dead Lift, The Shoulder Press, The Push Press, The Bench Press, The Pull-Up, The Bent Over Row.
  • Write a week long strength and conditioning program for a heroine addict who is just out of detox— with spiritual work mixed in (narrative subject to change)
  • Write a week long nutrition prescription for the same heroine addict.
    Write a 2 page paper on the WAR nutrition philosophy (the rule of 3, why hormones, preparation, good lifestyle practices)

Final Project—3 Case Studies

Work with 3 people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, depression, PTSD, Anxiety, etc….And write a 1-2 page paper on each person describing their journey without using their name. Describe what you did with them—and how it all went. What prescription did you write for them? Before and after pictures would be great if the client was willing and signed a consent form.

Maintenance of Certification

The WAR Life Coach credential expires 2 years after the year of certification. Renewal requires the WAR Life Coaches meet biannual education and coaching requirements. This maintenance program is designed to ensure that WAR Life Coaches are actively coaching and participating in the WAR community.