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Episode #23 – From OxyContin To A Life Of Service

Dustin and Don are joined today by Dan Fosmark. Dan is a former high-school football player who began his addiction after a shoulder injury. He kept it together through a college scholarship for Shot Put until he finally let go and let his life unravel. Dan talks about his fight through to recovery and shares […]

Episode #22 – Overcoming Meth Addiction

Dustin is joined by Troy Meyer from Brighton Recovery to talk about overcoming  meth addiction, being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, the growing amphetamine problem in college, and healthy treatment philosophies, among much more. www.workoutaddictionrecovery.com [email protected]

Episode #21 – Suicide & Drug Addiction

Dustin & Don are joined by Ryan Decker from Wasatch Recovery to talk about Anthony Bourdains death, multigenerational suicide, suicide awareness, and moving on to living the abundant life in recovery. www. workoutaddictionrecovery.com Tag @waraddiction

Episode #20 – Stand and Fight

We are joined by fitness, wellness, and life coach, Rob Eastman. Rob runs a gym, works with kids, and helps those struggling with addiction. We talk facing your challenges head on. Standing up and fighting what brings you down. Rob is an inspiration, tune in and elevate your life! Rob’s weekly challenge: Body Language Body […]

Episode #19 – State of the Scene

  This week we sit down with Interventionist, Don Coleman, to talk the State of the Scene: Treatment success, using your mind to conquer addiction, and… Vaccines?! Tag @waraddiction on your experiences www.workoutaddictionrecovery.com @waraddiction [email protected]

Episode #18 – Optimal Health

This week we are joined by the creator of Fit2Fat2Fit, Drew Manning. We discuss bio-hacks, empathy, accountability, and the benefits of living a life of optimal health. Connect with Drew – www.fit2fat2fit.com @fit2fat2fit Tag @waraddiction on your experiences www.workoutaddictionrecovery.com @waraddiction [email protected]

Episode #17 – Dear Addict: Get Uncomfortable

  We are joined by recent WAR graduate, Cord. We talk about getting committed, trusting the process, and learning to use discomfort to discover your true self. Cord’s Weekly Challenge: Get Grateful    Every morning Cord writes down things that he is grateful for. Make a routine out of this and notice a massive change […]

Episode #16 – Build Your Foundation

This week we sit down with the new Primary Therapist at W.A.R., Justin Zizumbo. We talk about the ingredients to putting together a resilient lifestyle, cutting out what holds you back, and building your foundation to weather the storm. Justin’s Weekly Challenge: Cut It Out 2x  Part 1 – Cut something out of your life […]