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Episode #17 – Dear Addict: Get Uncomfortable

  We are joined by recent WAR graduate, Cord. We talk about getting committed, trusting the process, and learning to use discomfort to discover your true self. Cord’s Weekly Challenge: Get Grateful    Every morning Cord writes down things that he is grateful for. Make a routine out of this and notice a massive change […]

Episode #16 – Build Your Foundation

This week we sit down with the new Primary Therapist at W.A.R., Justin Zizumbo. We talk about the ingredients to putting together a resilient lifestyle, cutting out what holds you back, and building your foundation to weather the storm. Justin’s Weekly Challenge: Cut It Out 2x  Part 1 – Cut something out of your life […]

Episode #15 – Lifestyle of Recovery

We are joined this week by the founder of Recovery Strong, Jared Shaw, to talk reaching new limits, experiences in sobriety, and living a lifestyle of recovery. Jared’s Weekly Challenge: Spirit & Nutrition Set a goal to pray morning and night. Show gratitude, ask for help, a look for an uplifting experience. Next, be conscious […]

Episode #14 – Slay Your Dragon

  Dr. Dan Freigang stops by the studio to talk awareness, adapting, and going on a quest to slay your dragons. Dr. Dan’s Weekly Challenge: Stories Find a story that has influenced you. Fiction or non-fiction. Something that has inspired you to change, become better, and think differently. Share this story with people in your […]

Episode #13 – Just BE It

We are joined again by author, speaker, and coach, Todd Sylvester, for a powerful conversation on being a watcher of your thoughts, belief systems, and learning to just be it. Todd’s Weekly Challenge: Magnify your Energy Energy cannot be destroyed; only magnified or suppressed. This is controlled strictly by your thoughts! Here’s the challenge: Pop […]

Episode #12 – Learning to Fail

  Author, speaker, and interventionist, Dan Workman,  joins us this week to talk perspective, self belief, and learning to fail. Dan is the Author of the book, ‘Black Tar Mormon’ and the founder of Quitters Prosper. Check out his blog, keephopingpeople.com Dan’s Weekly Challenge: 3-a-day Redefine your goals for the year from the viewpoint of […]

Episode #11 – Become Fearless

We are joined by Don Coleman from Wasatch Recovery to talk alternate forms of treatment, competing with cravings, and becoming fearless. Don’s Weekly Challenge: Decisions Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side, list 3 decisions you made today that made you feel good about yourself. On the […]

Episode #10 – Recovery First

  UFC Fighter, Court McGee joins us at the WAR studio to talk people and the impact they have, priorities, and how putting recovery first will allow everything else to line up. Court tells his incredible story about how he went from dying due to an overdose to fighting in front of millions. Court’s Weekly […]

Episode #9 – Own It

Fit to Recover founder, Ian Acker joins us on the W.A.R. Podcast to discuss the FTR Gym, recovery, doing whatever it takes, and Owning It: your life, decisions, anxieties, etc. Ian’s Weekly Challenge: Self Appreciation Every day write down 3 things that you appreciate about yourself. That’s 21 things you appreciate about yourself! At the […]

Episode #8 – Find Your Footing

Pro Skier, world record holder, and founder, Julian Carr, stops by to talk about embracing failure, conquering fear, and finding your footing. Julian’s Weekly Challenge: Diligence Start each day with 20 push-ups and a 60 second plank. Sound easy? Prove it. Connect with Julian @juliancarr discreteclothing.com Tag @waraddiction on your experiences www.workoutaddictionrecovery.com @waraddiction [email protected]