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Wednesday Red Session Week 3

The Crew –  I Love You Guys Both Feet In It’s one thing to do something half way, or a little bit, but it’s another thing to do something the whole way with both feet in. People often times don’t realize how much potential there is when a real commitment is made.  A real commitment […]

Tuesday Red Session Week 3

Classroom Discussion 7:00-7:30 – Sports Psychologist – Dan Friegang, PhD. Rewrite in your journal what you learned from the Sports Psychologist today.  Think about the things that he talked about and how they relate, or could relate to you.  How would you rate your current work ethic?  What motivates you? Journal Title: Work Ethic and […]

Monday Red Session Week 3

WAR Workout A. KB Swing ladder for 12 minutes (70, 55 or 35)(1 on 1st min., 2 on 2nd minute, etc,) Rest 3 minutes B. AMRoundsAP of 5 ring dips in 10 minutes. (come off of rings after 5 reps=1round, Advanced 2 sec. hold at top) +Rest 3 minutes 3 rounds of: 10 thrusters (Choose […]

Saturday Red Session week 2

Pick one and Read it – Make it Happen!! Reading Reading can enlighten the mind, and bring peace to the soul.  In this highly active technology world that we live in today, reading has somehow been put on the back burner.  It has become easy to get lost in entertainment, and even easier to NOT […]