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Season 2 Ep. 5 – Rob Eastman: Preparation, Not Protection

Rob Eastman returns to share with us his message of “preparation” rather than “protection” that he spreads throughout teachers unions and schools in the state. His belief is that educating children on the DETAILS about drugs and alcohol prepares them for life and that said preparation has a better chance of preventing a life of […]

Season 2 Ep. 4 – Dan’s Relapse

On this Episode, our great friend Dan comes back to discuss a myriad of subjects relating to recovery, as well as to share a gritty relapse he experienced within the last 3 months. We thank Dan for his candor and humility as he last joined us with over a year of recovery, and this time […]

Episode 26 – From Burglary And Suicide To Triumph

Drew Wilson grew up with a solid Mormon foundation and was the person you would trust with almost anything…until pain pills grabbed a hold of him. Drew found that the only way to get pain pills was to steal them out of people’s homes while they were at church. This quickly got him tied up […]