Workout Addiction Recovery Admissions

1.  Consultation / Safety

Come meet with us and find out if WAR is a fit for you. We will answer all of your questions and ensure you that all our decisions and treatment recommendations are motivated by our concern for your recovery. We will help arrange a tour and transportation to treatment if you are staying in our sober living.

2. Assessment

When you call or come to our facility we will conduct an assessment to determine the appropriate level of care for your situation. The following information will be discussed.

  • Basic demographic information
  • History of use and substances
  • Health history information
  • How you heard of WAR / and why you feel that it is a fit for you
  • Previous treatment history

3. Facility Tour

By touring our WAR facility you will come to understand the type of program that you are about to enter. You will have the opportunity of meeting our staff and getting to know us so that you can feel good about your decision to come and recover at Workout Addiction Recovery.

4. Finances (Deposit And Payments):

We put a full financial plan in place upon intake so that paying for treatment doesn’t become a distraction to you or your family while trying to work on recovery.

5. Enrollment:

Clients flying in from out of town will be given transportation to WAR. All of the programs policies and procedure will be reviewed and paper work will be filled out. Client will be helped through the entire process by one of our intake counselors and WAR staff. We will also work with clients personal doctor, job supervisor, attorney, or probation officer, if necessary.

Begin Your Recovery Today by Contacting an Admissions Coordinator (801) 807-1760