Season 2 Ep. 8 – An Atheist’s Path to a Higher Power

This week we are blessed to have one of the most unique and interesting guests that we have ever had on the WAR Podcast. One of the best men, parents, and teachers we have heard….and he does it all without God. 

In the depths of his addiction, Will and his girlfriend Avery (now beloved wife) were facing serious prison time and were codefendants in a case. They went from living in a motel and then a trailer park to becoming responsible and dedicated parents, sponsors, business owners and homeowners.

Will does not believe in God, yet he shares with us the power of humans interacting with other humans and the power of the connection it creates. He begins with sharing his belief of how we are all connected and, throughout the episode, shares how he DOES believe human power can relieve us of our disease. It is amazing how Christlike this atheist is….go into this one with an open mind. 

Will’s story is an incredible one and I assure you will all want him to come back on and share more….

Season 2 Ep. 7 – Hanging with Chicken in San Clemente

In this episode we are joined by Sean Neill (Chicken) at his beautiful place in San Clemente CA.

We talk shop with Chicken about his Inspiring Friends foundation, surfing, golfing, what it’s like being a sober companion and recovery coach, addiction and mental health in general, as well as getting some wild stories from his past.  

Tune in for some great conversations, fresh perspectives and advice!