Season 2 Ep. 5 – Rob Eastman: Preparation, Not Protection

Rob Eastman returns to share with us his message of “preparation” rather than “protection” that he spreads throughout teachers unions and schools in the state. His belief is that educating children on the DETAILS about drugs and alcohol prepares them for life and that said preparation has a better chance of preventing a life of drugs and alcohol in our youth. He shares with them specifics including what each drug looks like, how it is used, and most importantly, the deadly consequences of each. It is a powerful topic. 

He also shares the how he essentially “burned Davis County to the ground” during his running and gunning days, and how a spiritual moment after the death of his father, the late Utah senator Senator Eastman, opened his eyes and made his life mission to give back to Davis County, the world, and specifically our youth through his various ventures. 

Rob believes strongly in doing something scary once per day, and something terrifying once per month to remain sober. He shares a number of his terrifying adventures that make for a great listen.

Join us in a warm welcome back for Rob and listen to this episode as you’re sure to get some gems from this one!!

⁃Dustin, Don, and Frank

⁃The WAR Team

Season 2 Ep. 4 – Dan’s Relapse

On this Episode, our great friend Dan comes back to discuss a myriad of subjects relating to recovery, as well as to share a gritty relapse he experienced within the last 3 months. We thank Dan for his candor and humility as he last joined us with over a year of recovery, and this time shares with us a very gradual relapse that started while having to serve time in a jail work-release program during which time he let his self-will run rampant until he was back off to the races of addiction.

What is the role of God in recovery, how can concepts of God vary yet still work? How can someone just “stop” without using a 30-day treatment center?

We discuss possible answers to these questions and really dive in to the nature of addiction and what it takes to break the cycle…. tune in as it is a very rare experience for us to get a previous guest on to talk about a recent relapse.

Check out last week’s YouTube video that is now up and look forward to this Episode’s video this time next week.

Keep tuning in…we are getting record downloads and it is thanks to you all that we are able to do so!!

– Dustin, Don, and Frank

Season 2 Ep 3 -From Drug Enslavement to a Journey of Healing – Amberly

On this episode, we are joined by Amberly- surprisingly the first female guest we’ve ever had on the podcast! As a Reiki master, intern, graduate student, active member of the Recovery community, and a full-time working mother of two wonderful children, she certainly is a jack of all trades and a shining example we can all look up to. She used to work with WAR, and still works hands-on in the recovery field, helping countless addicts and alcoholics as they begin their journeys in sobriety.

Her passion and dedication shines through as she shares her amazing story with us from the lows of being hopelessly addicted to meth and multiple relapses to the highs of recovery and taking advantage of what life has to offer.  We hope her story, and the honesty and vulnerability with which she tells it will help and inspire some of you as it has inspired us.