Episode 25 – From Blue Pills To Red Barn: The Emergence of Johnny Farmer

Dustin & Don interview Mike Haws, the founder of the Red Barn Therapeutic Community…a community that literally costs NOTHING to get into…aside from a two-year commitment to the program!  Those of you unaware of the Therapeutic Community model are in for a true treat…this approach to recovery is unlike anything you have ever heard of before.

In addition to the fascinating aspects of his therapeutic community, Mike shares his harrowing pill addiction story, the loss of a brother to addiction while IN addiction, and how he ultimately developed the Red Barn Farm Program after getting sober. He offers insight into what he believes to be the three key components to recovery: integrity, dedication, and hard work.

This dude’s voice is powerful! His approach to recovery is cutting edge, and the program that he offers for those who are out of options is truly life changing. EVERYONE is going to get something from listening to this one….

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