Episode #9 – Own It

Fit to Recover founder, Ian Acker joins us on the W.A.R. Podcast to discuss the FTR Gym, recovery, doing whatever it takes, and Owning It: your life, decisions, anxieties, etc.

Ian’s Weekly Challenge: Self Appreciation

Every day write down 3 things that you appreciate about yourself. That’s 21 things you appreciate about yourself! At the end of the week, share it with someone.

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Episode #8 – Find Your Footing

Pro Skier, world record holder, and founder, Julian Carr, stops by to talk about embracing failure, conquering fear, and finding your footing.

Julian’s Weekly Challenge: Diligence

Start each day with 20 push-ups and a 60 second plank. Sound easy? Prove it.

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Episode #7 – Soul on Fire

Author, speaker, coach, and trainer, Todd Sylvester, joins us to talk about the power of giving back, the immovable center, being a master creator, and setting your Soul on Fire.

Todd’s Weekly Challenge: Hour of Power

Start your day with Todd’s Hour of Power:

  • Turn on some soft meditation music
  • Set your Intent for the day
  • Read your Personal Declaration – What you believe you will do today, tomorrow, in life.
  • Imagine your declaration in detail: sights, smells, experiences, etc.
  • Read and Ponder – Todd’s choice “Mind is the Master” by James Allen.
  • Embrace the Silence
  • Give it Away! – “If you want to be…Give it away.” Inspire someone, write a letter of appreciation, text a friend. When you give it away, you are declaring you have it.


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