The Weekend Experience

Track Experience

A. Run 1 mile @ 70% (gratitude/prayer)

B. 10 minutes of hand stand walk practice

C. Run 800 meters @ 80-90%; rest 3 min. x 3 (gratitude/prayer)

D. 5 burpee High Jumps: rest 1 min. x 3.

E. 5–100 yard sprints on football field; rest is walk back (prayer)

F. Read for 25 minutes on the site of the track.

G. Before leaving, say a prayer of gratitude and then ask for help.


Spiritual Work

A. Take at least three drives this weekend while listening to good music. If you don’t have a car, then go for three walks being plugged in. Work on day dreaming about positive things..

B. Send out a thank you text + call someone. Seek to have a beautiful communication experience.