The Daily Experience 3/9/15

The WAR Gym Experience is so cool.

I’ll say it again, I’m thankful for the barbell and the confidence that it gives me. Learn how to use the barbell and it will give you confidence. Keep gaining an understanding of how to linear progress in all of your lifts. Pay attention to the details of your training by logging all that you are doing, and then trying each week to be better at your numbers. When you make a lift look beautiful, and are happy with yourself, then post it on the Grahm so that you can show everyone what it is that you are doing and the improvements that you are making.

Let the WAR Gym Experience lead you to feeling accomplished. In our lives outside the gym we may be currently feeling unaccomplished and down on ourselves, but through the WAR gym experience we can feel accomplished, which will then eventually roll over into us feeling accomplished in our lives outside of the gym as well. S0 keep chipping and don’t get too down on yourself. Remember, it is when we are down that we learn the most about ourselves so long as we stay clear and keep a good pace.

Keep making it happen everyone. I’m thankful everyday for the opportunity to be doing what I’m doing; and to be surrounded by such an awesome community. I love people that are searchers. People that are searchers are the most honest people around. People that are searchers know exactly who they are and what they need to do in order to be successful and happy in this life.

Keep being a people who are in a constant search for a better way to live life.

-Hawk 🙂


Remote Program

Note: compare to last week…

A. Run for 5 minutes (prayer / gratitude)

B. Complete 4 rounds for time:

20 Push-Ups

Run 200 meters

20 Air Squats

run 200 meters

C. Run for 5 minutes (prayer / gratitude)

D. Read for 20 minutes (In a unique / beautiful spot)


Student Program

Program Note: Phase 2, week 4–de-loading in the STRONG..


3 sets of:

5 Strict HSPU (advanced elevated)

…….rest 30 seconds

15 ft hand stand walk

…….rest 30 seconds

Note: post how you d0 + time completed.

Strong (phase 2: wk 4–de- loading)

A. Split Jerk: 4 x 5 @ 80% (5rm)

B. Front Squat: 4 x 5 @ 80% (5rm)

Note: perfect technique. Be better than last week…


EMOM for 25 minutes:

min 1: 10 Thrusters (95/64)

min 2: 10 strict ring dips

min 3: 10 burpee box jump overs (20)

min 4: 10 box step ups ( 20 inch-alternating legs-bar on back 95/65)

min 5: 10 BTN Push Press (95/65)

Note: post how this goes…


Life Coach Program

Program Note: de-loading in the STRONG this week. Really work on mobility and technique this week.


3 sets (not for time) of:

5 sots press (light)

5 muscle snatch (light–same bar)


A. Clean & jerk – 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%

B. Snatch balance + overhead squat – 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%

C. Front squat + power jerk – 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%, 1×[email protected]%

(outlaw emphasis)


A. EMOM for 4 minute:

4 Strict HSPU + 4 Ring Dips + 4 Burpees

…….then rest 3 minutes

B. AMRAP in 6 minutes:

10 KBS (70/55) + 10 burpees

…….then rest 3 minutes

C. 10 minute jog @ z1 pace

Note: Post how this goes.