The Daily Experience 1/5/15


Here we go–another week of being great!

For the student and life coach program we will be de-loading next week, and will go into another direction. Lets have less self pity and more determination to improve ourselves. Self pity is selfishness, and I too often fall victim to the self pity germ. For those of you that have been struggling, lets pick things back up and get back on track.

Let’s spread the word in 2015 about what we are doing in WAR. Be on the look out for more people that we can help. There is power in the group, so let’s reconnect with our training partners and hold each other accountable to the WAR lifestyle.

Make it happen everyone….


Here are some things to think about in 2015?

1) What are you reading? How many books do you hope to read?

2) How is your spiritual work coming along? How are you going to be better at working on your spirituality in this year of 2015?

3) How are your relationships with your family and friends going? Who do you need to make amends with this year? What relationships do you hope to repair?

4) How are you going to get better in the WAR gym experience? What are your fitness goals?

5) Where are you at with your nutrition? Do you understand nutrition?

** Please post on these five “things to think about in 2015.” Or email me your thoughts and goals.




A. For time complete:

300 jumping jacks

30 burpees

300 jumping jacks

30 burpees

B. If possible, Jog for 10 minutes @ 75% effort (work on gratitude)

C. Read for 30 minutes (spiritual read) + say a prayer



Note: de-loading next week….


3 sets of:

60 second ring plank holds

60 second double unders

60 second burpees @ 70%


A. Power Position Snatch (TnG-full): 3 x 3 (drop each rep)

B. Snatch (full): 3 x 5; rest 2 min. (not TnG–drop each set, build each set / log; perfect reps)–beter than last week…

C. Low Bar Session (wk 3):

1) Find 3RM (week 3 of 3’s)

2) 3 @ 95% of 3RM

3) 3 @ 90% of 3RM

4) Every 2 minutes for 8 minutes perform: 6 low bar @ 80% (3RM)

NOTE: Post loads + how you do….


For Time (go hard):

30 Full Snatch (95/65)

Row 500 meters

30 Burpees over the Erg

Note: post time completed….



Note: de-loading next week, and then starting a new program.


A. 30 slow burpees + 30 ab mat sit-ups

B. Skill work / mobility–10 minutes


A. EMOM for 7 minutes perform:

5 TnG Power Snatches (115/85 and increase slightly until you can’t)

B. 4 sets of: (heavier & better than last week)

1 Snatch Balance + 2 OHS

…….rest 60 seconds


…….rest 60 seconds

(outlaw emphasis)


A. 3 sets of:

3 min. max effort burpees–6 inch target

…….rest 2 minutes

Note: post total reps…