The Low Bar Works

The Low Bar Works

by Hawk

The Low Bar works by how it gives the user confidence. This lift strengthens the posterior chain in a way that promotes athleticism; and when one feels athletic, then they feel good about themselves, which, if they feel good about themselves then they are less inclined to take something.

Those who have never trained this lift don’t quite understand the powerful truth behind this movement. It is a movement that recruits the most amount of muscle possible given the range of motion and where the load is placed on the back; and is followed with an aggressive hip drive and pull of the entire posterior chain when coming out of the squat hole. Testosterone is then grown in the human system, and for the one who is caught in the low mood often, such a hormone release can lead them to having an energy and proactivity that could’ve been achieved in no other way.

So now this individual at home carries themselves just a little bit different. Now those used to be challenging tasks around the house where motivation was once lacking, are now achieved and conquered; and all because of the physical and mind strength that low bar back squat led them to having.

Low Bar Religion….