The Trip: The Power of Amphetamine

The Trip: The Power of Amphetamine

A Story Told by the Dragon

Part 3 of 4

You know that your buddy has Adderal in his pack since he has a prescription. You can tell by the way that he is fishing that he is on it but of course him and your other buddies are trying to hide it from you because they know that you have had a problem with it in the past and they are not ones to help you relapse.

Fishing is so much more fun on Adderal; it keeps you focused, and provides a euphoria when it first kicks in that is indescribable. Fly-fishing is a sport that takes patience and focus; Adderal assists with this patience and focus, and even creates a proactive character for when the fishing is slow, which then causes the fishing not to be slow since you are speeded up.

Now the thought of Adderal has burrowed deep into your mind in which you can almost feel its effects even though you haven’t taken any yet. You know that if you ask in the right way that there is a slight chance that he will give you one; and then after you get that one, if you ask in the right way again, that he may give you two, and then the game continues. Now those packs of cigarettes in your pack will prove to be a great tool, since Adderal always leads you to wanting more. More alcohol; more weed; more cigarettes; more Adderal; more Opiate; more Valium; more of everything. Now the trip won’t be about fishing anymore, it will be about the chase.

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