My WAR Story

My WAR Story

by Spencer Hunsaker

My story in WAR started around my eighteenth birthday. I had got into trouble with the law for weed and alcohol. As a result, my parents decided to take me to a counselor down in Ogden. After meeting with him, and he learned of my love for sports, he suggested this program called WAR.

After meeting with the counselor my parents set up a meeting with Dustin to see if WAR was something I would be interested in. I honestly was very hesitant about starting WAR. Something about it seemed different from just lifting weights. I thank god every day that I didn’t let my fear of something different stop me from making one of the best decisions of my life.

I wouldn’t say I was a full on addict. I was more in experimental phase but around the time I was introduced to WAR, I was starting to get into more drugs than just weed. I had been getting into the habit of snorting pills while smoking weed. Also the desire came to try cocaine and morphine. WAR could not have come at a better time for me in my life. As soon as I really bought into the concepts that Dustin was teaching me, things started to change. My overall mindset changed. I became the kid I was before the drugs.

I have been a part of WAR for almost three years now. The results are amazing. I am in the best shape I have ever been both mentally and physically. My priorities in life are where they should be. I am about to marry the most incredible girl I have ever met. One that I almost lost due to my drug habits. I can’t wait for the weekend to go home and see my parents and siblings. Before WAR I didn’t want anything to do with my parents or family. Being clear opened my eyes to so many things I couldn’t see before. All the people that just wanted the best for me and I was pushing them away.

WAR is truly a special program. It doesn’t matter the problem that someone is having, the people at WAR will do anything they can to help. That’s more than just a group of friends that’s a family. A family that has supported and pushed me every day to achieve my goals. I am so grateful for all of the people in WAR. I wouldn’t have gotten far without you guys. I just hope I can give back what WAR has given to me.

Gym Experience #s

Low Bar: 375

Front Squat: 335

Clean: 245

Snatch: 175

Clean & Jerk: 230

Max Pull-Ups: 42

Fran: 2:52

A few things about Spence from Hawk

There are not many in WAR who live the WAR lifestyle like Spence does. Spence has been doing WAR for almost three years now and has donated every month to the WAR cause without ever missing, which tells me that he gets it. He trains harder and more consistently than anyone I have ever seen, and more importantly he sticks around after he is done so that he can coach and fellowship those who are new and need help. Spence came into WAR being a young kid, and has now turned into a responsible young man.

Spence is currently participating in the WAR life coaching certification program; and very soon he will be taking on private life coaching clients himself, with now being able to work with kids who were just like him- by helping them to learn the WAR lifestyle. Spence has become advanced in his knowledge concerning the arts of strength & conditioning, nutrition, and spiritual work, which makes him a huge asset to the world of addiction; and also a huge asset to WAR.

As I’ve said in many of my previous posts; many will love the idea of being a WAR life coach, but sadly, most won’t have the discipline that it takes to actually become one. Spence has had what it takes and I’m proud to consider him one of WAR’s first Life Coaches.

Thanks for all that you do bro. Because of the fact that you have always gone hard for me I will always go hard for you. Love you bro..


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