The Art of WAR Strength & Conditioning

The Art of WAR Strength & Conditioning

There is always time to live the Art of WAR strength & conditioning. If you are one who works the 10 hour shift, then what about in the morning, at lunch, and at night? In the morning, you can find yourself waking up early to perform in the garage gym experience, and to then read and pray in those early morning hours so that you are prepared to take part in the upcoming work day.

Dumb bells and kettle bells in the trunk of your car are for during your lunch break–so that you can find yourself at a track prepared, and ready to perform in a track experience within the hour so that you can be back to work with now being more than ready to perform your job at high level for the remainder of the day.

At night, and after work, the garage gym is calling you once more to go in and perform a quick conditioning workout that will take you no longer than twelve minutes; which afterwards, you take part in perfect nutrition, reading, prayer, and finally closing the chapter of the day and entering the time machine of sleep.

Not every day will look like this; but some days a double gym and track experience is required in order for you to find out about the Art of WAR; and more importantly, to find out what you are capable of mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. The world would have us believe that we are too busy to live in such an elite way; however, the WAR lifestyle tells us that we must live in this way if we want to remain free from our addictive selves.

We can get addicted to the WAR way of life, though it takes much more work. It’s easy to get addicted to the worlds system of laziness; but it’s not so easy to get addicted pushing the limits of the human spirit each and every day. However, when one finally does get addicted to the WAR way of life, then an unfolding of greatness takes place in their lives that will cause them to change for the duration.

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