The Daily Experience 4/14/14

WAR LCC Alex Stracener performing:

7 Rounds For Time of:

5 Squat Snatch (135) + 5 Muscle Ups…Time was 14:38.

Give it a watch and notice how composed he stays; and how every rep looks same, even when he was tired. He didn’t fail any reps, which was an impressive performance, as this is an advanced workout.

Do you hope one day to be able to perform a workout such as this? If so, how are you going to get there? Alex has been going hard in the WAR gym experience coming up on four years now. He has been diligent and disciplined, which is why he is able to participate in a workout such as this. Think about the type of confidence he now carries knowing that he performed in a workout that most people cant perform in. Do you want this? If you do, I’m here to tell you that it is possible, but it takes hard work, dedication, and of course you staying clear in order to experience the higher way of life in the WAR gym experience.

Post your thoughts..


Remote Program

EXPERIENCE NOTE: Be creative, start out running in a unique are and then end up at a park to do the 15 minute AMRAP…

A. Run for 10 minutes @ 70% (work on gratitude & prayer)


AMRAP in 15 Minutes of:

5 Burpees

7 Box / Bench Jumps

9 Air Squats


B. Run for 10 minutes @ 70% (work on further gratitude @ prayer)

C. Read 25 minutes X 2 (different spots)


Student Program


3 sets of:

50 Double Unders

rest 1 minute

NOTE: Post total time including the rest..


A. Quickly, build to a tough single in the low bar (not 1 RM)

B. EMOM for 5 min: 3 Low Bar @ 80%

C. Complete 50 Ring Dips

NOTE: post loads + how you did + time..


5 Rounds For Time Of:

8 Thrusters (95/65)

10 Calorie Rows


A. Cool down walk for 5 minutes — prayer & gratitude

B. Read for 30 minutes


Life Coach Program


3 Sets @ 70%

21 Pull-Ups–UNBROKEN

21 Ring Dips–UNBROKEN

21 Wall Balls (12 ft)–UNBROKEN

NOTE: We are trying to linear progress in this triplet from–adding three more reps from doing it last thursday. Let me know if you get it UNBROKEN. If you have to break, thats fine, just finish the reps and post where you broke and when during the reps. Be detailed in telling me how this goes so I can program accordingly for the future..


A. Low Bar: 5 (75), 3 (80), 2 (85), 1 (90 ++)

B. Every 2 minutes for 8 minutes perform: 4 Low Bar @ 80% + 7 Burpees

C. Quickly, build to a tough single in the squat clean

D. Every 2 minutes for 8 minutes perform: 4 Squat Cleans @ 80% + 6 Burpee Bar Hops

NOTE: Going heavier than last weeks percentages (5 percent). Lets get better and hopefully you can reset your 1RM on C, and possibly on A if you are feeling up to it. Also, adding one more burpee and burpee bar hop :)..Please let me know how this goes..


AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

8 Strict Pull-Ups

8 Box Jumps (30/24)

12 KBS (70/55)

NOTE: Post total rounds / reps..


A. Cool down walk for 5 minutes — prayer & gratitude

B. Read 2o minutes X 2 (two different spots)


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  1. Ben Sims says:

    Clear: unbroken
    A. 295×5 315×3 335×2 365×1
    B. 315 + 7 burpees x4
    C. Built to 255 squat clean (PR)
    D. 195 + 6 burpee bar hops x4
    Balance: only had time for 10 min amrap… 6 rounds

  2. Alex Stracener says:

    Clear – Unbroken

    A. 265 (5) 285 (3) 305 (2) 320 (1) 355 (1) PR
    B. 285 for 4 + 7 Burpee x 4
    C. 245 Squat clean
    D. 195 for 4 + 6 Burpee bar hops x 4

    Balance w/ 36inch box and 70KB
    10 Rnds

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