Still Nervous

Still Nervous

by Dustin Hawkins

Being involved in strength & conditioning gives us the opportunity to still get nervous every day, which is a beautiful thing. In our younger years as being an athletic child, having the pre-game jitters before a game was a common theme. However, as we travel upwards in age the feeling of having the pre-game jitters slowly leaves us since we are not put into competitive situations anymore of where we might get nervous.

As we prepare to take on a workout for time, watching the clock tick down from ten to one, a beautiful feeling of nervousness develops inside us– now letting us know that we are about to be challenged: mentally, physically, and even emotionally. We know that we are going to find ourselves being uncomfortable throughout the workout, especially at the beginning, or until our endorphins make themselves known in our system–now helping us to feel comfortable with being uncomfortable in such a lactic state.

So now as we train in this way day in and day out we learn that being nervous is good for us, and can be a good feeling, in which our being able to deal with nervousness in training helps us to deal with being nervous in life. The big job interview, or the important presentation at work, are now dealt with confidently, and with us having poise; and when we get those pre game jitters they will not be new to us because of how we’ve been consistently getting them each day during our training.

Training intensely and well each day–translates into us performing in life intensely and well each day. If we push through even when we are scared in training, then we will more than likely push through in life when we are scared as well. And since the nerves of life can cause even the toughest to tremble and falter; it’s the nervousness brought on by training that can teach us the important lesson about the relationship between strength & conditioning and life performance.

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