The Daily Experience 3/20/14

Check out this awesome video that Tom put together. He did an awesome presentation in the classroom on Tuesday and he put this little video together as a part of it; I thought it was great.


We have so many great people who are involved with WAR; people who love being a part of a cause that helps people to change their lives. WAR does change peoples lives. I haven’t met one person who has given WAR a fair go who’s life has not been changed. The core values and principles of WAR will lead an individual on an upward journey towards experiencing success, peace, and happiness. I’ve seen it turn a dark character into bright character. I’ve seen it help people who struggle with the dark mind, ranging from depression and anxiety, to obviously addiction–and has even helped those who seem to have an inability to find balance and happiness in an uneven world.

The world in which we live in is uneven at times, where so many people are victims of circumstance. Some are born into situations that aren’t fair– in which they have to come up from the bottom in order to experience the fresh air. Some are already born breathing in the fresh air, having the comfortable life handed to them immediately. No matter what category one might be a part of, the WAR lifestyle can help anyone.

Exercise is gods greatest gift to we who struggle with finding happiness; and creativity is in us all, if we would just be courageous enough to act on the impressions that flow into our minds. That couplet, exercise and creativity, can cure most of our mind problems, as can they with boredom. Boredom, and the monotony of life seems to draw people back into their poor old habits; however, it is my belief that there is no such thing as boredom and monotony if we would only allow our creative self to shine out of us. There will be no more slow saturday afternoons, but they will now be made up of exercise, reading, and listening to the type of music that can play one our senses and emotions.

Post your thoughts….


Remote Program


For Time Complete:

75 Anchored Sit-Ups

40 Burpees


A. As many reps as possible in 4 minutes of:

Hand Stand Push-Ups OR Hand Release Push-Ups OR Wall walks


A. Complete 5 sets for a total time of:

Run for 1 Minute

15 Push-Ups

30 Air Squat

NOTE: So you run for 1 minute, and then wherever you end up after that minute then stop and do your push-ups and air squats. Be creative, and do this experience in a unique location..

B. Cool Down: get lost in meditative thought and prayer..


Life Coach / Student Program


3 Sets of:

Row for 60 seconds @ 95%

Row for 60 seconds @ 65%

NOTE: Post total meters


A. 5 Sets of:

Power Clean: 1. 1. 1. (rest 10 seconds in between singles-go heavy)

B. Front Squat: 5 (70), 3 (80), 1 (90), 5 (75), 5 (80)

NOTE: Post loads + how this goes..


A. 3 Rounds For Time of:

20 Wall Balls

20 Toes2Bar

B. 3-100 Meter Hill Sprints @ 90% (not very steep)



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  1. Simone Smith says:

    Clear 1440 m
    Strong A : power clean first 4 rounds @123, 5th @133
    Strong B: front squat [email protected] ,[email protected], [email protected] 145
    Balance 7:20. Sloooow!

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