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WAR CONCEPT: Mental Muscles

We will never amount to much at all in life if we remain in a cloud state of mind, which is why we should keep training, sweating, and having faith that all will be well with us if we stay spiritually, mentally, and physically healthy. If we are working hard each day at doing the right things, where we are constantly trying improve ourselves, then what would we really ever have to worry about in life?

Learning to lift weights is certainly important, but what about working on our spiritual and mental muscles? I have found that lifting weights isn’t enough for me–though it is a lot, and plays a most important role in my life. What I have found, however, to be the most important component of the WAR lifestyle for me, along with lifting weights, has been my constant search to improve my behavior by studying and acting on the spiritual side of things. For me, it’s trying to be obedient to a set of principles, which I believe that if followed, will lead me to finding the peace that I have always been seeking. For me (and this is me)–I focus on staying clean in the moral way, meaning no pornography, and watching what I think about. I have found that letting my thought role in an immoral direction leads me to not being able to feel the spiritual in my life, which I need to be able to feel that spiritual because without it I cannot feel charity running through my system; and I need charity running through my system because of how good it feels. I still like to get high, and having charity running through my system makes me feel high and good about myself.

The same thing happens when I relapse and take myself out of reality through opiate. Opiate then blocks the spiritual rays of charity, and when I cant feel that pure love that charity leads me to having, then I end up hating who I am.

So, then, we can conclude that God’s peace is a far better high than the worlds high. The only way, however, for us  to truly experience His peace in our lives is when we are finally willing to put away the world, and now be willing to learn and live His simple way of life.

Post your thoughts….

Remote Program


A. Run for 10 minutes @ a Z1 Pace (prayer / gratitude)


A. EMOM for 10 minutes perform:

10–4 count flutter kicks

15 Hollow Rocks

BALANCE (do at a track if you can)

Complete 4 Rounds For Time of:

30 Air Squats

Run 400 Meters

NOTE: Post how you do…Scale as necessary


A. Cool down walk for 5 minutes — prayer & gratitude

B. Read for 30 minutes


Student Program


A. Row for 5 min. @ 80%

B. 2 set @ 100% of:

10 Wall Balls + 10 Air Squat + 10 Burpees + 10 Push-Ups + 10 Ring Dips


A. Low Bar: 5 (70), 5 (75), 3 (80), 2-3 (85), 1 (90), 1 (95+)

B. Power Clean: 1.1.1; rest 60 seconds X 5 (rest 10 sec. in between singles–increase in loads each set)

C. Build to a tough single in the push press

NOTE: post loads + how you did…


A. Complete 5 Rounds for time of:

10 Low Bar (135/95)

10 Burpees

rest 5 minutes

B. Complete 5 Rounds for time of:

10 KBS (70/55)–clear ear

10 Pull-Ups

NOTE: Post 2 times..


A. Cool down walk for 5 minutes — prayer & gratitude

B. Read for 30 minutes


Life Coach Program


A. 3 Rounds for time of: 50 Unbroken Double Unders

B. 15 CTB Pull-Up; rest 30 seconds X 4 (unbroken–hit chest each time; butterfly)

NOTE: Post how you do and if you were able to do it as prescribed..


A. Low Bar: 5 (75), 3 (85), 1 (90), 1 (95).

B. Low Bar: 20 rep max @ 70% 1RM. (minimal rest at the top–Unbroken reps. Post how you do)

NOTE: Post how you do + loads..


EMOM for 20 minutes perform:

Row or Run 200 Meters

3 Squat Clean & Jerks @70-75%–1RM

12 Burpees

NOTE: Post how you do on this..


A. Cool down walk for 5 minutes — prayer & gratitude

B. Read for 30 minutes


2 replies
  1. Spencer Hunsaker says:

    Only 1 of the 50 double unders unbroken tripped up on 47 the other two.
    5 (250) 3 (285) 1 (300) 1 (320)
    Failed to stay on the minute twice. (155)

  2. Dan Palmer says:

    Still suck at Dbl. Unders

    5 245
    3 285
    1 305
    1 315

    225 x 20 unbroken


    Completed each round on the minute with 135 lbs.

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