WAR Nutrition Ideas

WAR Nutrition Ideas

Three different Breakfast Ideas @ 8am

A. 4 eggs (Protein), 15 Almonds (Fat), Glass of Whole Milk (Protein/Fat), Some

type of Fruit -Strawberries, Apples, etc (Carbohydrate).

B. Protein Shake (Protein), Hand full of Almonds, 2 Pieces of whole wheat toast.

C. 1 Scoop of protein powder mixed in with REAL oatmeal and water or whole

milk.  Hand full of Almonds.

Snack @ 10:30am

A. Sliced Deli Turkey OR Beef Jerky (Fit in the palm of hand), 12 Almonds, Apple.

Four different Lunch ideas @ 12-12:30pm

A. Grilled Chicken Salad (diced tomatoes, vegetables, etc, Little bit of dressing(Fat).

B. Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Large Water, 15-20 Almonds.

C. Subway 6 inch Turkey Sandwich – Double Meat.  Large Water, Almonds.

D. Grilled peace of Chicken, steak or Fish (Protein), Vegetables (Carb), Guacomole (Fat), Avocado, or Almonds.

Snack @ 3pm

A. 2 String Cheese, Apple, 12-15 almonds

Two different Dinner ideas @ 5:30-6:30 PM

A. Grilled Chicken Steak or Fish, Vegetables (a lot), Guacamole Olive Oil, Almonds or Almond Butter.

B. Grilled Chicken Salad (diced tomatoes, vegetables, etc, little bit of dressing (Fat).

Snack @ 8-8:30pm

A. 2-3 hard boiled Eggs, Sliced Apples dipped in Almond Butter

B. Protein Shake, Almonds, Apple

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