Opiate Tug of WAR

Opiate Tug of WAR

by Dustin Hawkins

The tug of Opiate on the human mind and soul can be quite the tug. When that tug takes place we have to find something that is just as powerful to tug us in the opposite direction – essentially, creating a tug of WAR. The only tug that I have found that can beat the Opiate in a tug of WAR is God and his spiritual system. I turn to scripture study and reading about Christ. I go to quiet places, even cemeteries. I go to those places that help me to get closest to God, which always seem to be the places that are quiet and promote reverence. I then read at these places, practicing patience and being humble and slow so that I might show him that I have faith in his spiritual system, and that I am welcoming his charitable character to become my character. I have found that the only way that I can get God’s spiritual system running through my own system is if I look to act in accordance to his laws and principles.

So for me, and as I act in accordance to Gods spiritual laws and principles, that I now can get high by being an active participator in his spiritual system, which is a system that helps me to feel charitable, patient, safe, and most importantly – gives me a confidence that I will always have his help as long as I strive to live his lifestyle. I get high knowing that if I am obedient to His laws then I will be blessed with new talents and abilities that will lead me to living a progressive full life.

So a person can win the tug of WAR against Opiate if they can learn to love Gods spiritual high more than the Opiate high. If they can get to a point where they love feasting on Gods words by participating in scripture study, reading about Christ, and then writing about what they have read and studied–then they can come to experience pure intelligence and safety being whispered into their mind while performing such study, which then they will be able to lean on that scripture study experience to help them win the tug of WAR. They will start noticing a brighter character coming forth, which will feed motivation and further insight into their system that will allow for them to keep progressing, and now winning the tug of WAR with Opiate more often then not.

So it is true that we have to love Gods escape more than the Opiate escape. Gods escape is the escape into reading, studying, and writing. Gods escape is in the simple things, which are usually the things that take work, such as: exercise, healthy eating, prayer, meditative thought, family, and of course much more. If we can learn to love the escape that God can provide us with then we will always win the tug of WAR against opiate.

The Idol

The Idol

by Dustin Hawkins

The way that your mind works makes it so easy for me and my team. No matter how long of a clear run you go on- I always no that all of your clear runs can be brought to a quick halt. This four month run of yours was a good run, and I was impressed. The entire time I worked hard in trying to get you to stumble over my blocks but you seemed to jump over them effortlessly; congratulations, you’re getting better – or are you?

I knew, however, that I was holding one ace in my hand; an ace that you have fallen victim to so many times in the past – though you weren’t trying improve your way of life in the past so it did not matter what card I threw at you. The ace that I’m speaking of is the idol ace, or the music ace, also known to you as the Eminem ace. Music is my greatest tool. I work through artists so that I can get to you, as well as millions of others. His music does something to your senses doesn’t it? His music gets you high and helps you to escape your own thinking doesn’t it? His music leads you to wanting to get back involved with smoking weed because of how deep and analytical you become when listening to music while lifted on pot. I can force the memory back into your mind of a time when you used to smoke pot on the daily while getting lost in Eminem’s music. What you don’t know, and even realize – is that my friend pot is the one who led you to your idol Eminem in the first place, and now that he has released a new album I know for a fact that I can lead you back through the gateway of pot and then back into pills.

You’re either on my side or the invisible hands side; there’s no in between. If I can get you addicted to Eminem’s music then I can get your thinking away from Gods charitable way of thinking- and more towards the quick and immediate type of thinking, which is my way of thinking, and is a mind frame that will lead you to wanting to escape. The music will lead you to the pot, and the pot will lead you to the pills because the pot simply just won’t be enough, and will lead you to being casual in your efforts towards trying to live the lifestyle that the Invisible Hand would have you live.

The music obsession, coupled with the pot obsession so that you can get the most out of the music session, will lead you wanting to enhance that music session even more by taking part in an alcohol and opiate session along with the pot and music session, which by then the game will have been changed and my addictive mindset will have been linked back up within you, now making it hard for you to unlink my brilliant system of addiction.

This is my plan for you, and I’m fairly confident that it will work. You are so easy to plot against because of how many memories you have in relation to the worldly escape. All escapes that you have ever been involved in become obsessions. For instance, when you do finally have your mind made up that you are going to escape then you look forward to that escape with such an intensity that it seems to consume you. It’s essentially the same thing that has happened to you from looking forward to Eminem’s new album; you’ve obsessed about it to the point that you feel as if you need a way to escape before the planned date of escaping even takes place. You even obsess about what it’s going to be like to listen to his new album, picturing how you would listen to it, and where, and of course what it would be like if you listened to it high. Don’t you see what I’ve done? -I’ve got you relapsing before you even relapse. I have you picturing an escape before you actually escape–which then leads you to wanting to escape in that moment anyway, and even before the album is released because of how far and detailed you’ve allowed your mind to go concerning that escape. And so then you do go ahead and escape – but by way of pills instead of pot because you weren’t ready to smoke pot yet because the album hadn’t been released– but you felt it necessary to escape in someway because of how far your thinking had taken you concerning an escape. At this point the Opiates sounded way better to you than the pot did- because without the music the pot didn’t sound fun – but through the intensive, obsessive, and overly excited thinking about the event you were going to create for yourself when the album was released, some form of escape now had to happen, and why shouldn’t it have come through your most favorite escape, which is the Opiate escape.

This is my great work on you…This is my WAR against you…

A Sunday Experience

Sunday Experience

       by Dustin Hawkins

I had an experience, not long ago – on a Sunday night. I was struggling in my mind- and my want to escape was great. I decided that I was going to go and work on the art of Olympic Weightlifting. I set out a chair, set up the barbell, put chalk on my hands and began my work. My plan was to build to a tough single in both the snatch and the clean and jerk, where in between sets I would take a seat in the chair that I set out and would study the scriptures, focusing intensely on what it was that I was reading and studying. After about two minutes of study I would then go back to work on the Olympic lifts, focusing intensely on perfecting the technique, while also carrying the spiritual concepts that I was studying around in my head. Back and forth I would go, from intense study to intense weightlifting. After thirty to forty minutes of doing this my mind became at ease, and the spiritual had entered into my system by way of lifting weights, reading, studying, pondering, and praying; needless to say I felt better.

After the reading and weightlifting session I then put on my running shoes and music and headed out to create a jogging experience for myself. My plan was to experience the neighborhood that my first childhood house sat in, and I did just that. As I approached the little red house (that I barely remember) I felt a sense of nostalgia and peace that furthered my feelings of Gods love for me. I took pictures of the old house and neighborhood and then continued on in my journey, then stopping at an old park to read and write from my phone.

I jogged and walked on the way back after reading at the park, praying and getting lost in meditative thought and prayer for the rest of the way back to my car.

What an experience I had in this Sunday – and without it, I may have been lost to my addiction. There is no such thing as the dark mind if we will have the courage to create an experience for ourselves when we feel the dark mind coming on. I have said this many times before, but God knew that we were going to be susceptible to all of the many fast intense pleasures of the world; he knew that we were going to like them if we tried them. And since we have tried them we have opened ourselves up and are now susceptible to the Dragons enticements and whispers. So with God having such foreknowledge -he provided us with ways that we could get high through his system. As we seek his spiritual system out then he helps impressions to flow into our mind of how we might come to find natural ways to get high by helping us to have the courage and creativity necessary to go out and create unique spiritual experiences for ourselves through being physically active.

The experience I just painted for you in the above paragraph is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. Many might think that such a system is weird, but it is not weird to me and it shouldn’t be weird to you. We are ones who have to find creative ways to make it around the cravings. Those who do not struggle with such cravings will never quite understand what it feels like to have so little of control.

These experiences, along with living the WAR lifestyle in its entirety-have protected me. And though I haven’t been perfect with my addiction – I have, however, and through this WAR way of life- been able to manage my addictive self better each year. I’m going on six years now of trying to live this lifestyle to the fullest, and each year I improve upon the previous year. My relapses are becoming less and less, and their duration are becoming shorter and shorter, meaning that when I do fall I get back on track with a quickness, using the WAR lifestyle to help me to maintain my composure so that I do not go full board back into the world of my addiction.

If you can come to learn this truth with regard to living the full spectrum of the WAR lifestyle with an intensity, then there is no doubt in my mind that you will point your addiction in a healthy direction and will spend way more time living healthy and clear – then you do unhealthy and clouded. That is the goal right? To live life clear? But if we do for some reason fall by way of our addiction then through our hard work in living the WAR lifestyle we will have built within us the most solid of all routines; a routine made up of physical, mental, and spiritual health – which will act as that protective armor that will most certainly shield us from our addiction.