The Art of Nutrition

The Art of Nutrition

by Dustin Hawkins

In WAR, we eat healthy so that we can feel better in our minds. If I told you that I could make you feel happier by eating healthy would you do it? So many of us struggle with the dark mind -and proper nutrition can in fact feed a portion of light into that dark mind.

I’m not going to go into scientific detail of how to eat in this book because there are plenty other books out there that can explain it in that way. What I’m going to do in this book is try to explain it as simply as possible so that I don’t geek you out. I know what I know about nutrition because I have participated in it, and then have deeply examined how I have felt while I’m locked in nutritionally compared to when I’m not locked in nutritionally. So here we go.

First and foremost, you need to know what a protein is; what a fat is; and what a carb is. Protein is anything that has a face: cow, chicken, eggs, meat, as I’m sure you know get the point. Cheese is also considered a protein as is whole Milk.

Carbohydrates are your fruits and vegetables, sugars, potatoes, wheat (bread), and your pastas. There are considered to be good carbs and bad carbs. Your good carbs are obviously fruits and vegetables. Your bad carbs are you breads, pastas, candy, pop, potato chips, pizza; or basically anything with too much bread or sugar in it. Carbohydrates are what spike our insulin levels which then causes our hormones to be all out of whack. Have you ever noticed after you binge on candy, or eat a bunch of bread that you feel lethargic thirty minutes after? That’s because all of that sugar  spiked your insulin levels to unnatural levels; and what goes up, must come down and then so does your mood and energy levels.

Fats are your oils, avocados, nuts and seeds (almonds), and guacamole. Fats are good for you, and promote a healthy heart.

So now that you have that understanding of what proteins fats and carbs are, we need now move in the direction of how to eat them.

In WAR we promote eating on a schedule, and with every meal balancing it out with having a protein, fat, and a carb. So at my breakfast at 8am I am having four eggs (protein), a Banana (carb), and an Avocado (fat). So in that meal I got a proper balance of protein, fats and carbs. Then at 10:30 (since I’m on a schedule) it’s time for my snack. I brought a zip lock back with me full of Almonds, Deli turkey, and an Apple. I eat the turkey (couple slices), eat the apple, and eat a handful of almonds, plus hit the drinking fountain for some water. Now 12:30 rolls around and it’s time to eat lunch. Many go out to lunch, as do I, but I stick to the same protein, fat, and carb model through having a chicken salad fully loaded with: chicken (protein), diced tomatoes and peppers (carb), and two scoops of guacamole with a dab of ranch dressing (fats). So now I’m feeling good with having three solid meals under my belt and drinking water all day as well. It’s now 3 and time for me to eat my second snack of the day. So I go back to my zip lock bag, eat a handful of almonds, chew up another apple, and eat three string cheese sticks, and hit the drinking fountain.  Now I’ve got four beautiful meals under my belt and am feeling great.

Now it’s dinner time at 6:30, which is where I try to get all of my vegetables. I stick to the same model of having a piece of Salmon (protein), some almonds and a half of an Avocado (fats), and the rest of my plate filled with vegetables and some fruit, and then a big glass of whole milk or water. Five meals under my belt.

Now it’s 9:30, and I need a little something to help slow me down and get ready for bed. I put a little bit of whole milk in a blender with some crushed up ice, add a scoop of almond butter and vanilla protein, and then a banana, and now blend it up and create a most soothing shake that will help me to relax as I prepare to go to sleep.

Now this little scenario was only to give you an idea of to what a day might look like living the WAR Art of Nutrition. It’s the protein, fat, and good carb at every meal, with sticking to a schedule that are the key ingredients to living this beautiful art. Preparation is key, and without preparation you never come to see the energy high that can unfold from eating such a way.