Gym Experience

WAR Life Coach Bub Hatch working on his spirituality

Sunday is a great day to work on your spiritual self. I encourage all of you to designate your entire sunday to the working on of your spiritual self, which would include: reading, spending time with family, church (if thats your thing), track experiences, remote experiences, writing, and reading some more. 

Reading is a big deal. If you are not reading daily then you are missing a huge component of the WAR Lifestyle. Reading is an important piece to the puzzle. How would you expect to get rid of the dark mind if you were not feeding light concepts into that dark mind? 




3 rounds (not for time) of:

10 Strict HSPU + 1 Minute Ring Plank Hold + 30 Sit-Ups


A. Jerk 3,2,2,1,1,1,1.; rest as needed

NOTE: During the lighter loading (higher reps) switch off between the Power Jerk and Split Jerk. When you start getting heavier and to the singles then only do the split jerk.


A. Four Sets of:

10-15 Ring Dips (hold 2 seconds at top) 

       rest 30 seconds

Max CTB Strict Pull Ups

       rest 30 seconds

B. For Time Complete:

50 CTB Pull Ups

75 KBS (55/35)

100 Double Unders

NOTE: Go hard; lets see where you’re at. Time to beat: Blake Bastian CFTClub 6:41.


WAR CONCEPT: Click to Read “Be Seekers of Nostalgia”


Be Seekers of Nostalgia

Be Seekers of Nostalgia

“The term nostalgia describes a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations”

Mind advancement can come through nostalgia. It can come by us going out and creating unique experiences for ourselves in an effort to capture nostalgia, which are the beautiful memories of our past that can help us to feel safe, happy, and confident concerning the future. So then when we go out and create such experiences for ourselves in search of those old innocent memories, we then create new and healthy memories for the future time of when we will need to search for nostalgia again to help us. 

And on and on we will go, creating new and healthy memories that will soon come to outweigh the bad memories, now healing us of our addictive thinking. 

It’s addictive thinking that we seek to get rid of – so we must search for a time when we did not think as addictive. I say as addictive, because all human beings think addictive, and even when we were children. My four year old little boy still craves his warm glass of whole milk every morning, afternoon, and night, because it gives him comfort and is something that feels the void. The difference between us and my little boy is that his addictive thinking is innocent, and has not yet progressed into a form of thinking that is destructive. It’s obvious that milk isn’t addictive compared to Opiates or Alcohol, which clearly shows that it’s the substances we allow into our body that eventually cause us to think addictive in a destructive way. 

There’s no genius to the above concept, only that we as human beings are all born into this world being some form of an addict. Just as my little boy craves his milk, then so do all people crave something; and its all dependent on what that something is, or what it eventually becomes. It is true that some are more prone to addictive thinking than others – which is where genetics come into play. However, what if the line of addiction gets spread through poor memories? Or poor nostalgia. The little boy witnessing his father being negative- where his Dad’s always sleeping in, and constantly nodding off due to him carrying a ten year opiate habit. It seems to me in this situation that the disease might spread from the father to the little boy through the memory that this little boy will have of his father acting in such a dark way. 

It’s the same of when children have to witness their father getting hauled away by be cops; such an experience can traumatize children, creating a deep and lasting memory – one that can spread the way of life that they saw being spent by their father- to now being their way of life down the road. 

Memories are so powerful, and they can be used for good and for bad. I’m under the belief that if we go in the way of creating new and healthy memories for ourselves, that such memories can become similar to a domino affect, where one falls down to compliment another, until all of the new and healthy memories have fallen in line and have blended together-now creating a new us. So now when times get hard in the future we will have created a number beautiful thoughts and memories to fall back on. 

All of us, no matter what our past might’ve been, do have some fond memories of a time well spent. For me, there is a certain neighborhood that I love to go and spend time in because of the nostalgia it leads me to having. It’s an older neighborhood, and is where my old high school sits. There are times where I’ll go park my car in my old high school parking lot, put on my running shoes, turn on my music, and travel  creatively into that neighborhood, jogging and walking, and just letting my thinking go in the way of the good old past. I almost always end up at a park on the west side of the neighborhood, where I then read, write, eat a healthy snack, and then get lost in further prayer and pondering. I often hear a train below, which then brings on more special thinking concerning the big picture of life, and why it is that we are all here. 

I love thinking like this because it helps me to put life in perspective; and when I put life in such a deep perspective, then I seem to travel forward in intelligence, and my motivation to take myself out of reality through my addiction becomes no more. 

I crave experiences like this because they get me high. I’m trying to get you to crave experiences like this so that you too can experience getting high through nostalgia. The only difference between those who escape the dark mind and those who don’t is their willingness to try something completely unique to what they are comfortable doing. Many might think it to be weird to go out and create experiences such as the one I just described, but keep in mind that the ones who think it to be weird are the ones who are missing out on a deep and profound spiritual experience – and one that has capacity to feed insight and inspiration into their mind and soul.

Don’t be afraid to be unique – for it’s within the unique mind that the most intelligence can be found. 

Gym Experience

Group Therapy


3 rounds (90%) for time of:

10 KB Snatch – 55/35 (5 each arm) + 15 Wall Balls

NOTE: Make sure you are good and loose before doing this. Be aggressive with those hips and confident at the top on the KB snatch. Shoulder needs to remain active and confident at the top. 


A. Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes perform:

1 Hang Squat Snatch

NOTE: Pull off the ground as if you were going to snatch it, only stop at mid-thigh for a brief moment, and then transfer right into your hang squat snatch. Get the most out of all of your reps. Start at: 50% and work up to 85%. 

B. Snatch High Pulls 1. .1 .1; rest 2 minutes

NOTE: Go heavy, resting 10 seconds in between singles. Work on maintaining that strong consistent back angle during your dead lift (don’t let you butt come up). Work on getting the bar deep, past your pockets, and then go into the explosive pull. 

C. 4-5 Front Squat; rest 2 minutes X 5

NOTE: Descend down 4 seconds, pause 1 second in the bottom, then Xplode up…Be slightly heavier than last week. Stick to the tempo. 


5 Minutes of: 

Max Calorie Row

NOTE: Log how many calories you get… 

Weekend Experience

Compete at a Track

EXPERIENCE NOTE: If you can – do this experience around 7:30/8pm. If you have wife and kids, take them to the track with you. Also, bring your book since you are going to be reading afterwards. Look to notice the reverence that a track carries, and then look to live in the moment and be thankful for that moment. 

Track Experience

A. Run 10 Minutes (warm-up). Getting lost in meditative thought and prayer/gratitude.


5 Sets for times of:

Run 400 Meters + 20 Burpees; rest 3 minutes

NOTE: This is to be done @ 100% effort. Log 5 separate times. That 400 meters sprint needs to be all out.  


B. Run 10 Minutes (cool-down). Getting lost in further meditative thought and prayer/gratitude.

C. Read for 20 minutes in the bleachers of the track.

Gym Experience

Evan Parker, Pitcher at Dixie State College

Today is Evans last day before he heads back to school. It’s safe to say that not many student athletes train the way that Evan does. His intensity in the gym has been incredible, and his willingness to get the most out of his collegiate career is inspiring. 

No matter what happens in your baseball career moving forward – you will always know that you did everything in you power to be the best baseball player that you could be.

Thanks for going hard bro. Good luck with the upcoming season. 


3 sets of:

10-15 Toes2Bar + 3-6 Muscle Ups; rest 1 minute


A. Quickly build to a tough single in the Snatch

NOTE: Only increase in loading if you are in perfect mechanics. You will not get strong at this lift if you don’t work on perfecting the technique; it’s all about being efficient and crisp. 

B. Quickly build to a tough single in the Clean & Jerk

NOTE: Only increase in loading if you are in perfect mechanics. Log how you do….

C. 5-6 Front Squat; rest 2 minutes X 3

NOTE: Descend down 4 seconds, pause 1 second in the bottom, then Xplode up…If last times load was too light then slightly increase your loading. Stick with the same challenging load for all four sets across. Be diligent in the tempo. I would rather have you go lighter and stick to the tempo, than heavier and not sticking to the tempo. 


5 Sets for times of:

Run 400 Meters


16 CTB Pull Ups

20 KBS (70/55/35)

       rest 4 minutes

NOTE: Log 5 separate times…


WAR CONCEPT: Click to Read “Loss of the Spiritual”

Loss of the Spiritual High

Loss of the Spiritual High

It’s a beautiful thing when one comes to notice when they cannot feel the spiritual due to them driving it out by acting in a way that is not in line with the spiritual. The reason I say there is beauty in this is because that would mean that such an individual would’ve had to once feel the spiritual in order for them to have lost the spiritual. 

So many will never experience the spiritual because they are either unwilling to seek it, or they no not how. 

I had a particular experience, way back when, where I had been doing really well with my addiction for quite some time, even living a balanced life with spirituality as being the foundation. I was even feeling as if I had my addiction beat. I was eating healthy, working out regularly, reading, and working on my spirituality the most. A Saturday night rolled around and I got a small itch to take myself out of reality, which, I believe was due to me drinking too much caffeine through an energy drink that I had never tried before. As the day tarried on then so did my itch, and by the end of the day on Saturday I was ready to escape somehow someway.

I battled all day in my head, even asking my sister in law if she had any Lor-tabs to spare since she had just gotten in a car wreck. She said no, and I was then embarrassed for asking. 

Then my mind traveled to alcohol, cigarettes, and of course weed. I came to the realization that pills weren’t an option and I now justified my reasoning for wanting these other things because of how they seemed to be a better, less harmful option than Opiates. I then ended up caving and giving way to my desires, where I took my self out of reality through alcohol. 

It wasn’t the headache this next day that bothered me, but it was the loss of the spiritual that bothered me the most. I felt like I was alone, and did not have the help that I was experiencing just the day before when I was doing so well. I worked hard this next day, praying to God, reading, writing, and praying some more. And though the whisper to continue on in taking myself out of reality was stronger than ever before, I didn’t do it because I wanted to get that spiritual high back in my system as fast as possible; and I knew that if I took myself out of reality on this next day then I was only prolonging the time it would take to get the spiritual back into my system. 

I have finally come to realize that the spiritual high is the greatest of all highs. It’s full of charity and love and is a high that people like when you are on it. No one likes you to be on the Opiate high because its a high that can be easily seen through – and comes off as being fake and temporary. The spiritual high portrays no such character, but only radiates truth and charity. 

I think the spiritual changes behavior more than anything else because its benefits leave you when you choose wrong over right. So now when you choose wrong you feel soulless and empty, which then feeds you the necessary motivation to feel your soul back up with the lasting high that can only come through the spiritual. 

When someone has been brought to the knowledge of the spiritual and has experienced it on a high level; and then they choose to go against that spiritual lifestyle that they have found so much light on, they then oftentimes feel guilty and broken hearted for the poor decision they have since made. At this point they could go one of two ways: they could become hardened to the spiritual and turn against it because they are tired of feeling bad about their poor decisions. Or they could actively work at getting the spiritual back in their system, with having a broken heart and a contrite spirit. The hardened option is the easy option since it takes no work to go in this direction, and is a fast immediate solution to not feeling bad or guilty. However, the spiritual option will take work, but it’s benefits will be lasting and progressive. 

The point I’m trying to make is that once an individual has been brought to a spiritual knowledge then there is not only power in that knowledge, but also a great responsibility. So now when you go against what you know to be true then you are going to feel bad about your poor choice, which is fine and even necessary for growth to occur. I’m not speaking of dwelling and feeling sorry for yourself; but I’m speaking of having a broken heart and a contrite spirt, and then going to work on yourself so that you can get back on the spiritual path. 

We cannot be perfect in this life, and the spiritual lifestyle does in fact ask a lot out of us. Sometimes we can live up to what it asks from us, but other times we cannot. The only thing we can do is keep trying to progress in the spiritual by: studying, reading, praying, exercising, eating healthy, and of course, strive to be obedient to the laws of charity. 

We are not of the charitable character if we are mad always, with carrying contention around in our minds. We are not of the charitable character if we are envious of others, with having a hope for them to fail. We are not of the charitable character if we are wrapped up in the substances of this world since their way of life promotes nothing more than selfishness. 

The spiritual way is the charitable way; and when we drive charity out of our hearts we then lose love, which love and having an appreciation for all that’s good are the key ingredients to getting high through spirituality. 

Without charity, we cannot experience love; and without love we are without hope, and can only rely on what the world has to offer, which are the quick immediate pleasures that cannot last. 

I’m so thankful that I have come to find this spiritual truth because now I am able to use the spiritual as a living breathing thing in my life.   

Gym Experience

photo copy 3

Before WAR

photo copy 2

After WAR

Not many have sought out to learn and live the WAR lifestyle the way Dan has. His before and after pictures are incredible, but what’s even more incredible is the brightness of his character, which has come forth due to him working intensely on the spiritual component of WAR. Dan has diligently worked on ALL aspects of WAR, ranging from the nutrition, to the gym experience, to the remote and weekend experiences, and most importantly, the spiritual. He has found out how to use exercise as a platform to help the spiritual enter into his system, which then relieves stress, and forges confidence. 

I’m so thankful for Dan and his courageous effort to change his life. It’s truly incredible and inspiring what you are doing. You bring so much to WAR, and it wouldn’t be what it is today were it not for you. 

Thanks for doing the WAR program the right way. Love you brotha.

Some of Dan’s Stats: 

Low Bar Back Squat 1 RM: #295

Front Squat 1 RM: #235

Clean 1RM: #185

Clean & Jerk 1RM: #145

Snatch 1RM: #135

Max Pull-Ups unbroken: 25

Books Read in Last 3 Months: 6


GYM EXPERIENCE NOTE: Post Scores and loading to the BLOG. This will be a good tool for logging. 


3 Sets of:

5 Clean High Pulls (95/65) + 5 Hang Power Cleans + 5 Squat Cleans; rest 90 seconds


A. Every 90 Seconds for 15 minutes perform:

1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 Squat Clean

NOTE: Log 10 sets.. Last 3 should be very challenging. 

B. Low Bar: 3,2,1,–3,2,1

NOTE: first WAVE: 75, 80, 85. –Second WAVE:80, 85, 90. 


For Time Complete:

Row 500 Meters

25 Burpees (jump over back of rower)

100 Double Unders

25 Burpees (jump over back of rower)

Row 500 Meters

NOTE: Log time completed. Times to beat: Chase Heywood CFTCLub – 7:57. Blake Bastian CFTClub 8:08. 


Remote Experience

Experience Summer Lake Swimming



A. Upon waking up (earlier the better), walk right out your front door and go for a 12 minute jog holding a Z1 pace (pace you could have a conversation at) + Sprint for 30 seconds, walk for 30 seconds X 5 + Then read for twenty minutes outside while getting lost in meditative thought and prayer.

B. Eat a perfectly balanced breakfast + Read. 



A. Go Swimming in a lake: this is just to be playful swimming. Look to relax and enjoy the summer night. I’m recommending that you do this around 7:30/8pm. Email me pictures: [email protected]

B. Briefly write about todays Remote Experience and then email me what you wrote: [email protected]

Gym Experience


GYM EXPERIENCE NOTE: Last week of this cycle. We will back off next week, and then go in another direction the following week. If you weren’t all that committed these last 8 weeks then recommit to this next cycle of training. A lot of people have made some incredible strength gains. Pictures and statistics to come later this week.

For those that aren’t doing very good with their addiction; come let the WAR gym experience help you. If you commit to four nights a week then I can promise you that you will start pointing your addiction into the right direction again. It’s not just about showing up and going through the motions, but it’s getting involved in the gym experience, where you are constantly trying to improve at the sport of strength and conditioning.

Engulf yourself in the Art of Strength & Conditioning, and recommit to living the WAR lifestyle. -Thanks.  


3 Sets (not for time) of:

12 CTB Pull Ups + 60-90 Second Hand Stand Hold + 50 Double Unders

NOTE: Work on mechanics and technique of CTB pull up…


A. Split Jerk 3,2,2,1,1,1,1

NOTE: Start at 60% and work your way up to 90+. Log loads. 


6 sets for max reps of:

45 seconds strict HSPU

       rest 15

45 seconds strict pull ups

       rest 15

45 seconds strict ring dips

       rest 15 seconds

NOTE: Log total reps. Scores to beat: Kyle Boyer CFD – 214 reps, Blake Bastian CFTClub – 227 reps.


Gym Experience

Zack – Low Bar #335 PR. Nice work brotha


3 sets of:

5 Snatch High Pulls (95/65) + 5 Hang Power Snatch (95/65) + 10 OHS (95/65); rest 2 minutes

NOTE: Really work on technique; get down there in the OHS. Work on pulling the bar deep up past pockets before going into second pull on the High Pull. Really look to over exaggerate everything in this CLEAR section. 


A. Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes perform: 1 Hang Squat Snatch

NOTE: Start at 50% (1RM) and finish around 85% (1RM). 

B. Snatch High Pulls 1. 1. 1; rest 2 minutes X 3

NOTE: GO HEAVY. Rest 10 seconds in between singles. 

C. 6 Front Squat; rest 2 minutes X 4

NOTE: Descend down 4 seconds, pause 1 second in the bottom, then Xplode up…


3 Sets of: 

7 Muscle Ups + 14 Low Bar (205/135) + 21 GHD Sit Ups + Run 400 Meters; rest 3 minutes

NOTE: Go hard, rest 3 minutes. X 3. Log 3 different times...