Gym Experience


PROGRAM NOTE: Life Coach program is for those who are advanced. Student program is for the beginner/intermediate. Whichever program you are following you are responsible for studying the program out – and it’s flow prior to coming to class. Figure out where you’re at as far as your loading goes and then have an idea of what your workout is going to look like. If you are wanting to move into the Life Coach Gym Experience program then you must be able to test out of the student program. WAR is a program of progression, so if you are wanting to progress then you must work at improving yourself in the Gym as well as all other areas. Thanks….




A. AMRAP in 3 minutes of: 5 Toes2Bar + 5 Burpees

       rest 1 minutes

B. AMRAP in 3 minutes of: 5 Ring Dips + 5 Burpees

NOTE: Log total reps


A. 3 Power Jerk; rest 2 minutes X 3

NOTE: Working in the 70-75% range. Mostly working on good crisp technique. Log how you do.

Power Jerk Video: 

B. Build to a tough single in the split Jerk


Four Sets for Max Reps of:

Agains a 3 minute Running Clock Perform:

500 Meter Row + Max HSPU

NOTE: Log how many HSPU’s you complete.




A. AMRAP in 3 minutes of: 5 Knees2Elbows + 5 Burpees

       rest 1 minute

B. AMRAP in 3 minutes of: 5 Bench Dips/Ring Dips + 5 Burpees

       rest 1 minute

NOTE: Log total rounds completed between A & B.


3 sets of: 

10 Push Press + Row 200 Meters

       rest 2 minutes

NOTE: GO HARD Each set, trying to stay consistent with your times. However, play with the loading + Log Loading.


3 Rounds for Time:

15 Wall Balls + Run 400 Meters 

NOTE: Post time completed